Kikkerland iBed Extra Large Lap Desk - Black


Product part number: US039XLW

Tuotekoodi: 61899

Perfect for travel, work or relaxing, the Kikkerland iBed Extra Large Lap Desk sits comfortably on your lap and supports devices of all shapes and sizes. The sleek black finish complements any room or office, making the iBed ideal wherever you need it.


A place for your device to rest

Sometimes, you just can't stay comfortable while you're watching media or browsing the web on your smartphone or tablet. The Kikkerland iBed Extra Large Lap Desk provides a relaxing, stable way to use your device for long periods of time. Simply rest the iBed on your lap and the extra-large size and sturdy, rock-solid construction will hold even the heaviest of laptops.

Extra-large size ensures comfort and compatibility

Measuring a very respectable 20 x 2 x 13.5 inches, the Kikkerland iBed is ideal for devices of any size or shape. Whether you've got a compact smartphone or a titanic laptop, the iBed will comfortably bear the weight of your device.

Of course, you don't just have to store smartphones or tablets on the iBed. Why not use it when eating, drinking a cup of coffee, or to read a book without having to hold it?

Built-in recess for tablets or smartphones

The Kikkerland iBed features a recess perfectly sized for hold your tablet or smartphone, so there is no chance of your device shaking or falling out. Ideal for when you're watching long films, travelling on a turbulent flight or working on important documents.

Portrait and landscape orientation supported

The recess in the Kikkerland iBed provides more than enough room to support your device in either landscape or portrait mode. This means that no matter what function you need your smartphone, tablet or laptop for, you can depend on your Kikkerland iBed Lap Desk.

Sleek, rustic natural wood finish

Thanks to its beautiful natural wood grain style, the Kikkerland iBed will slot perfectly into any room or office surroundings. Work for longer and look stylish doing so.