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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus QWERTZ Keyboard Cover - Black

Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus QWERTZ Keyboard Cover - Black


Product part number: EJ-CG955B

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Experience fast and efficient typing with the slim and protective official black QWERTZ keyboard cover from Samsung for the Galaxy S8 Plus. With no Bluetooth connection or power required, the keyboard case won't drain your battery or need charging.

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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge QWERTZ Keyboard Cover - Black

Fast and efficient typing

Get more done with this Official Samsung QWERTZ keyboard case, allowing you to type more accurately and with greater speed.

Slim and portable

The ultra-thin design of this keyboard case makes it incredibly compact and lets you take it anywhere with you, ideal for use on the go, at home or in the office.

Convenient hot keys

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Keyboard Cover contains specialised hot keys for convenience and efficiency. The hot keys offer a quick way to access your emails, music, calendar, contacts and web browsing, allowing you to get to the stuff you love quicker than ever before.

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Official Samsung Keyboard features a sturdy design that secures your phone and protects it from damage, such as scratches, knocks and drops while on the move.

Incredibly easy pairing with no Bluetooth connection required

This Samsung Keyboard Cover is incredibly simple and easy to pair with, saving you time and maintaining a stable connection with your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. With no Bluetooth connection required unlike many other similar devices, the official keyboard cover won't drain your battery when in use.

No charging required

While many Bluetooth keyboards require power, which also means constant charging, the official keyboard cover works without needing any power at all, allowing you to always have fast and efficient typing at your fingertips without the worry of your keyboard's battery running out mid text or email.

Specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Specifically designed for the S8 Plus, this Official Keyboard Case ensures full compatibility with your phone, giving you a perfect typing experience every time.

Samsung: Galaxy S8 Plus

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