4Smarts Drop Screen 2-in-1 Universal Display Cleaner- Grey/15ml

This innovative 2-in-1 screen cleaning kit guarantees a spotless smartphone screen with easy application and flexible construction. 4smarts is alcohol, ammonia and phosphate-free.
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  • Cleaning spray developed to clean smartphone and tablet screens for people with urban lifestyles
  • 15 ml bottle provides an impressive 80 sprays
  • Innovative 2-in-1 design for convenient cleaning
  • Compact design for easy transport
  • Safe for all screens
  • Flexible construction for easy and thorough application

Cleaning spray developed to clean smartphone and tablet screens for people with urban lifestyles

Living an active life in an urban area can be demanding on a device's screen and can quickly lead to dirt and oil residue build up. Ensure that your screen is always ready to use with total clarity and sensitivity with the Drop screen cleaner by 4smarts. The special spray formula developed by 4smarts quickly removes dirt and oil from your screen, so your device's display looks as good as new. This specially formulated cleaning spray also protects your screen from further dirt, grease and fingerprint build up.    

Innovative 2-in-1 design for convenient cleaning

Designed to be an all-in-one package, the 4smarts Drop screen cleaner features cleaning cloth, so that you can easily spray and clean your smartphone or tablet's screen with one simple product.

Compact design for easy transport

Measuring in at just 2.3 x 9.5 cm, the 4smarts Drop 2-in-1 screen cleaner can easily fit into a pocket, wallet or handbag, so you can clean your device's screen on the move with no trouble at all.

Safe for all screens

This screen cleaner is completely universal and can therefore be applied to all screens whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, MP3 player and more. This is thanks to its smart formulation and alcohol-free nature, preventing any risk of the display being damaged.

Flexible construction for easy and thorough application

The 4smarts Drop is the first screen cleaner in the world with a flexible construction. This patented 2-in-1 design provides total flexibility so you can be sure that you can reach all of the dirt and grease you may find on a device. This flexible design also makes for a simple application, allowing you to wipe the screen down quickly and easily.

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