Avantree 2.1A Dual USB EU Mains Charger

This Avantree Dual USB EU Mains Charger is a compact adapter with two USB charging ports powerful enough to charge a tablet and a smartphone simultaneously.
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  • Dual USB outputs let you charge two devices at once
  • EU Mains wall charger
  • 2.1A total output for quick recharging of mobile devices
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Overcharge protection
  • Universal compatibility

Dual USB outputs let you charge two devices at once

Whether you're looking to get the most out of your plug sockets at home or trying organise your desk, the Avantree Dual USB EU Mains Charger is the perfect solution.

Featuring dual USB ports that allow you to charge and power 2 devices simultaneously.

Avantree 2.1A Dual USB EU Mains Charger

2.1A total output for quick recharging of mobile devices

Designed to replenish smartphones and tablets, the Ultra Dual USB EU Mains Charger transfers a total of 2.1A of charging current from its USB ports.

The importance of achieving the correct charge rate is important to maximise the charging potential of your device. This is because bigger and more powerful devices such as tablets will require higher currents to charge effectively.

Avantree 2.1A Dual USB EU Mains Charger

Compact, stylish design

The Ultra Dual USB EU Mains Charger is very compact. It has a stylish white finish, so the charger will look great at work or home.

Avantree 2.1A Dual USB EU Mains Charger

Overcharge protection

You won't need to worry about the safety of your devices while they're charging in the Avantree Dual USB Mains Charger. This handy adapter features over-charging, over-heating and over-current protection, virtually eliminating the chances of your devices being damaged.

Universal compatibility

If your device charges via USB, you can use this adapter for charging - no matter whether you're using Android, iOS or any other type of device. This doesn't just apply to phones and tablets, either - you can charge e-readers, power banks or anything else which charges with a USB cable.

Technical Specifications:

  • * Input: AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz.
    * Output: 2 out ports, each port Max output 2.1A, 2 ports share 2.1amp when both ports in use
    * Certification: CE, FCC and Rohs.
    * Main body size: 54*45*26mm

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