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Kenu Airframe autoteline / kannettava pöytäjalusta älypuhelimille Arviot

Kätevä autoteline älypuhelimille. Kenu Airframe sopii joka auton tuuletusritilään ja painaa vain 23g, mikä tekee siitä erinomaisen jokapäiväiseen käyttöön.
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This is the second Kenu Airframe portable adjustable phone mount I've bought because I found the first one great to use.
At last something that actually works
I've tried several gadgets for this purpose, none of which have really been any good, useless suction caps that fall off while you're driving etc. This one holds the phone secure even with the outer case on, and doesn't seem to interfere with the airflow from the vent..........well satisfied.
New Car
I found that the mobile phone holder that I had on my last car didn't fit properly in my new car so I ordered this one and it fits no problem and is very sturdy in the vertical position with the weight of the iPhone on it excellent.
Does not work on iPhone 8+
Cannot review the item as it is too small for iPhone 8+ and I am still trying to get a refund despite them emailing saying that it had arrived in the returned Items department.
Can anybody help
Hi Jacqueline,

Would it be possible for you to contact our customer service department who will be able to assist your further with the issue that you are experiencing?
Worth every penny
Mobile fun is indeed the number one website in a high quality mobile phone accessories, anything you want you find it here plus the fast shipping, I can't see anything more convenient and all in one place, the Kenu Airframe is not the only one I recommend as I did buy from them more accessories.Thank you mobilefun will come back again.
This phone holder is sturdy, and versatile. I use it to hold my iPhone 6 when I'm using it for navigation. It will open up a little wider if required, but not much wider. It's certainly ideal for my phone, or phones of similar size.
Great product.
Light weight portable and easily installed.
Excellent product
This fits neatly onto the car vent and holds the phone securely. I am very pleased with it.
Simple, well made, and works!
Well made and easy to use between more than one vehicle. Good quality and keeps the phone in position without the fear of it falling out of the holder.
Fantastic Device!
I don't usually write reviews for many things that I purchase, however for this one I had to make an exception. Really well made device. I have a chunky leather phone case and this device easily accommodates the case so no need to take the phone out. When you drive there is no vibration. Cannot recommend this enough!
This is easy and simple to use and install, once installed on the air vent it us very secure and holds any phone securely - it can be used vertically or horizontal
Great product. I ordered 2!
Easy to use product and handy for travel and use in hire cars.
I order two one for my car on one for travel!
Simple and functional
The air vent mobile phone clamp is very easy to fit - simply press it into place. Also it works a treat, the mobile is held fast and can be tilted and twisted to make it easy to read. I use an old phone as a sat nav never been a problem so I bought one for my partner
Not the cheapest, but works the best!
Bought a cheaper one first, but it wasn't very universal with ventilation grills. The Kenu one is brilliant, very adjustable. Strong but soft grip. Protects phone. Bought one for Girlfriend first / iPhone 7. Then got mine for my iPhone 4s. We both love them!
You pay for what you get.
Perfect iphone cradle
Stronger enough to hold. Padded enough to carefully hold.
Easily turns 90 degrees for wide angle mode. Choice of colour, not just black. Slightly pricey, but you pay for what you get.
It's worth it!
Perfect for holding iphones
Easy to use and fit. Twists easily 90 degrees to landscape mode. Wanted a white not black mount, so this was perfect. Holds the phone securely, but easily released.
A touch expensive, but the reviews were so positive that I couldn't resist buying it.
Safety issues sorted with Kenu in car Mount for Smart Phones
Really easy to secure, but removable when needed. My Girlfriend used to balance Sat.Nav/ iPhone on her lap or seat when reading directions. This simple little device makes any screen secure when it needs reading, and fixes it at dashboard height. Perfect. It has soft rubber grips which hold the phone in place. Plus you can turn the screen 90 degrees, simply by holding its base and turning. This wasn't the cheapest, but you pay for its quality. Highly recommendable.
Excellent product
The product is sturdy and quality built. Ideal for travelling as it can be used on any Vehicle.
Returned the item
No way could i get my iphone 7 plus into this little "vice" and retain my finger nails. So i returned it
Very good product fits perfect
Very good product fits perfect. Delivery very fast +++++
Best one I have had.
Saw one in a mate's car and was impressed enough to pay a premium price for this Kenu Airframe. Easy to fit, can fit and remove my phone one handed and it remains solid throughout the journey. Big plus is that it can be easily removed and transferred to the wife's car if required. Solid well engineered piece of kit. Love it
Simple and effective
I purchased this smartphone in car holder as it was unobtrusive in size and extremely simple to install and use. Passengers always comment on what a neat, clever holder it is especially when you can turn it 90 degrees so the phone's maps can be used more effectively.
It's a super useful and easy to use in car device. would definitely worth to buy again.
The phone holder works perfect. The phone stays in place even on rough road. It's small so small you hardly notice it. It was a great purchase.
Simple design that works extremely well
Very simple design that works exceptionally well and much better than a lot of expensive models that are designed for individual cars. Highly recommended.
Well made, simple solution
Fitted easily to my air vent, didn't feel all that secure but has stayed in place
Great product
Fantastic, practical and really sturdy. It holds my phone securely and within reach unlike other holders that fit on the windscreen. It's much more effective than it looks and on my recommendation several friends have purchased one. They are also impressed and pleased with its functionality.
Simplicity is always best
I was concerned the appliance would not fit my air vents, it fitted them all. While not the cheapest available the device is stress free simple and of a sturdy build.
This is by far the best
Having bought several phone mounts, this is by far the best. It doesn't obscure you line of sight when driving. Easy to install and portable enough to take it with you. The wife loves it as she can keep her phone case on ( Samsung galaxy S5) when in the holder. It also looks really neat when your not using it and its got a really firm grip. A definate recommend this product. Slightly high price but well worth every penny.
I am very happy with my purchase. The product arrived yesterday and seems very good quality. Recommended store from my experience. Only took 8days to arrive to my address in New Zealand with cheaper shipping option
Excellent Design
This is the perfect solution to cradle my iPhone. It is small, sturdy and securely fits in the air vent; a finely engineered product. The clip is expandable to accommodate the larger devices, as well. I love it!
Let me add to the chorus of praise for this product. What's in the box matches what's on the lid. It does what it claims to do, it does it well and it's such a simple, "obvious" design. It holds my phone nice and firmly, right where I want it. Unobtrusive and effective. That's about all I can think of to say.
This vent phone holder is really good. It's strong and holds my phone with a firm grip. And it stays in the air vent well too.
Brilliant car mount
So far so good. This stand for my phone is great. Sturdy and keeps phone perfectly in place. Easy to fit and to use. Would highly recommend.
Great item
Great item. Fast Deivery. Good price.
So small and simple BUT so effective
Really pleased with this. It's so discreet, easy to fit and move to other vehicles - with no marks left where it has been. Holds the phone very steady. I was concerned that if it would be sturdy and strong enough - it is! Highly recommended :)
Heavy duty, robust in car mount and stand for smartphone
There are loads of these about, but this is really the business. You do get what you pay for. I drive other people's expensive cars fo a living and the rubber / plastic coating on a metal sprung device prevents any damage to the dashboard. It feels heavy duty and robust, unlike cheaper ones I have bought in the past. It fits any phone and any vehicle, including a Bentley !
Great Product
Easy to fit and neat . Limited which vent can be used on Toyota Yaris, as the main front vent is curved and shallow. but it is possible. Mine is now very stable. Great gadget
Great kit, stylish and compact
I was a bit reluctant to go for this piece of kit due to its price. But I wanted something that was less intrusive than the standard holders that stick on the dashboard or the windscreen. This sits in the vent, and holds your phone securely. You can remove it easily when you aren't using it. Its compact and well made and more than does the job. So, its worth the extra especially if you don't want a huge, ugly, thing on your dash or screen that obscures your vision. Its small and well-designed - go for it!
Does what it says on the tin!
Very useful piece of kit and using it all the time now!
Serves the purpose!
Bought on a recommendation from my youngest son. It does the job although find it difficult to remove the phone from the holder without removing the whole thing from the airvent
A very good gadget to have for the car
I have brought this item before from this website and I would highly recommend it to anyone else to try it out it was money well spent for me
Neat little product
Product is quite neat, it moves around a bit because with my air vents it only latches onto one axis of the vent, and is pushed up against the middle adjuster of the air vent to keep it sturdy. It works, but would be better with more appropriate air vents.
This item is just what I wanted to keep my phone away from all the other junk in my little car. iI fits the air vents perfectly and as it holds my phone right in front of me I dont forget it when I leave the car.
Simple and effective.
I have tried numerous car phone holders over the years, usually the suction on the windscreen type. They usually break within a year. This is a very neat alternative which clicks onto the air vent grille. It is sturdy and the phone remain steady with no shake at all. The only negative point is that it can be a bit difficult to widen the sides when you want to release the phone. It needs both hands to slide the side edge, otherwise the whole item comes off.
Great little gadget
best thing is that it is small and very portable, no sticky gummy mess, no bulky stand, no suction pads which falls off. Just one little small gadget that does what it is supposed to do. I bought a second because the first was so good, just for when I rent cars during my travels. Fantastic!
Love this item. I was having trouble finding a suitable holder for my phone that would fit in a Mini! This was the one. It is placed just as I want it within reach and eye line. Many thanks
Certainly does what it says
Certainly does what it says but the slide holding the phone is very strong. This makes it not so easy to mount and dismount the phone one handed. Maybe I should have purchased the larger version for my Xperia Z3.Pleased anyway.
Know this before buying
This item is well made and I'm sure that it will work perfectly in cars with suitable vents.

BUT !!!

My car unfortunately has vents where the "uprights" are curved and slanted and so the holder does not clip on securely and also would not hold the phone upright if it did.

I guess I will have to keep it for when I am travelling and hire a car on the off-chance that it has the correct vents. It would be helpful if this was highlighted in the product description on the webiste.
Just get it, I did, three times now
My son who lives in New Zealand took my first one, we used it in a hire car on a shared holiday in America and it was so good he had to have one.

This year a friend came too, he was so impressed he just had to get one so I bought my third as his early Christmas present.

So good I bought three times, get yours now if your even thinking about it.
If it was big enough for s6 edge
Just a bit tight when trying to get phone out
great little product and so secure, fits the samsung galaxy s 6 perfect, so small compared to other phone holders in cars but it does the job and is well built and will not damage the phone. Great company to do business with
This is a great little product, holds the Samsung s6 well and secure and is well protected so it will not damage your phone. it is so small compared to other in car phone holders but it still does the job it is meant to do. Great company to do business with.
Great device - word on 6+
Does exactly what it says. However was unsure if it would fit a 6+ couldn't see on any reviews and didn't include in item description so took a bit of a risk. Anyway turns out it does but takes device to max and need to take any case off before use. Apart from that which is slightly inconvenient it works great. Would buy one that was designed to fit a bigger phone comfortably with a case if they made one.
great little product and so secure, fits the samsung galaxy s 6 perfect
up to date info on the latest phones that can fit in the jaws of this holder
Highly recommend
Quality build, compact not bulky. Grips iphone5 well. Highly recommend even though a bit expensive.
Highly recommend
Quality build, compact not bulky. Grips iphone5 well. Highly recommend even though a bit expensive.
Nice simple design. Easy to fit to the air vent and holds the handset nice and secure. Going to buy another one for my wife to use! Would highly recommend.
Great holder
Fires air vent really good
The one to get
That, small neat and simple as it is, it also really works.
Very clever holder
Very pleased with the simplicity of this holder. Works perfectly holding my phone in my Hyundi.shame I wasted my money before seeing this on another holder with a suction pad that lasted all of 5 minutes. Would have no hesitation recommending.
This is so simple, but works so well. Nice and tidy and can be easily moved from driver to passenger side.
Doesn't get in the way.
Love it.
Perfect for turning iPhone into sat nav.
Excellent size. Would also fit the 6+. And Samsung note series I'm sure. Very secure in any vent. Holds phone in either landscape or portrait. Totally adjustable to ensure best cable management within the car. Cannot fault it for the price. Cannot confirm longevity of the spring but all good.
Simple but effective
If ever something proves the theory that the simple things are the best this is it.

Forget trying to get a phone holder to stick on the window or dashboard, this unobtrusive device simply clips into the air vent and then grips the phone like a vice.

I expected the phone to gradually slip through the grip but not a chance, even on bumpy roads.

If you need a phone holder then look no further
Now have sat nav on air vents
Got this for my iphone. But had a few probs with sat nav holder so i tried this and a presto it fits sat nav so now have sat nav on air vents so no marks on window :-)
Fantastic service
It does what it says on the tin. It's a simple idea but very effective and is possibly the best holder I've had. More to the point I want mention the excellent service I received from mobile fun. Once again 1st class.
Excellent simple phone holder
Fantastic phone holder without having to use suction etc. easily moved from car to car. Phone held steady on all journeys. Simple but very effective!
decent phone holder
This phone holder would be great if it was half the price. But at the price I'd say it's just OK. The spring works just fine. Holds your phone securely in place. I was worried that the holder would interfere with the airflow from the A/C vent, but it doesn't. I do have to say that it does limit the up/down movement of the vent.
Bardzo dobre , niewielkie urządzenie przydatne w normalnym zyciu.
Holds my blackberry perfectly.
Great device
This phone car cradle is a great, versatile device. Small enough to be unobtrusive on the dashboard but holds firm to the phone. Easy to swap between vehicles with whatever style of dashboard air vent. Best small device I've bought.
Sleek holder, premium quality
1. Compact design light weight
2. Fits any AC vent
3. Premium quality

1. Pricey
2. The mobile back keeps rubbing the dashboard. Prone to scratches
3. Blocks one AC vent
Sleek holder, premium quality
1. Compact design light weight
2. Fits any AC vent
3. Premium quality

1. Pricey
2. The mobile back keeps rubbing the dashboard. Prone to scratches
3. Blocks one AC vent
Kenu Airframe portable in car mount
Great little device. Very unobtrusive in the car and fits the air vent superbly. Totally portable between any other vehicle. My phone is quite wide but Kenu holds it easily (not sure it would fit anything much bigger ie Galaxy Note). This device is just what I've been looking for, thank you Kenu.
Jolly Good
Quite simply, it is the best in-car mount I've ever used. So I bought another.
Kenu Airframe
Saw that a pal had one of these and found that it was exactly what I wanted and didn't know!
Always either put my phone in my pocket or on the centre console of my car and the amount of times I have dropped the phone into the footwell or down the side of my seat and missed an important call or message or a Tesco order from the wife was well into double figures!
The Kenu Airframe sits in the vent on my dash now right in front of my eyes so I can pick up what I need and never miss the kids sweets requirements again!
Great item throughly recommended. Will get the wife one too!
Strong, adaptable and secure
Great product which does what it says on the tin.
It is a strong mechanism, which securely sits on various air vents (yes, I did try a few!) and securely holds onto my iPhone.

Issues: on looser vents it could droop and you have to be very careful when attaching, as it has quite a forceful hold and feels like it could potentially break a fragile vent.
Superb Protector
When dropped, there was only a very small chip on the tempered glass. No hairline fractures, and the screen itself is fully intact. The protector is hardly noticeable and does keep cleaner longer than the real screen.

However it does lose a star in that the edges are not as smooth as imagined and the screen does lose a little sensitivity.
Superb Protector
Upon dropping my iPhone 6, there was only a very small chip on the tempered glass. was all that occurredNo hairline fractures.
The protector is hardly noticeable, easier to clean than the real screen and
Ken airframe
Fast delivery. Great product.
Great little mobile mount
Brought for hubby as I have one and use it every day. Quick and easy mobile phone mount. Mounts onto air vents but is perfect for using your phone as a GPS or hands free (once speaker is enabled). Only down side is that air from the vent may affect phones that are sensitive to temperature changes. I've never had any problems but have noticed how hot/cold the handset is if the aircon or heater are on.
Great little mobile mount
Brought for hubby as I have one and use it every day. Quick and easy mobile phone mount. Mounts onto air vents but is perfect for using your phone as a GPS or hands free (once speaker is enabled). Only down side is that air from the vent may affect phones that are sensitive to temperature changes. I've never had any problems but have noticed how hot/cold the handset is if the aircon or heater are on.
Car mount
Fantastic little gadget. Holds your mobile with easy, no slipping. Fits well into car vents.
My down side was the vents in my car are slanted back towards the window, so I can't really see the phone that good.
I do like the car mount as its tidy, not bulky. Will use it to hold something else.
Great device
This device is excellent, if your car vents are in a suitable place and your phone is not too wide.

My wifes Samsung S4 in it's case is a very tight squeeze, but fits fine out of it's case. It is hard to remove from it's case though.

Plus points is the phone can have cooling air on it during long journeys so it doesn't overheat while driving to London and you end up taking the wrong fork in the motorway. Also you can easily move from vertical to horizontal while driving with one hand.

If you have a suitable vent and you phone is not too wide then this mount is the best thing ever, great invention and design.
Very good product, wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Bit pricey for what it is but works OK
Works fine in VW Passat. Good grip with little vibration. Need to be careful to remember to turn off the air vent if car heater is on to prevent phone from overheating
Smart and Robust
Purchased a cheaper version elsewhere which snapped on first time of moving side arms to slot phone in. This one is far superior in every way. It holds well, affixes to the vent well and is very sturdy. The grip mechanism is actually so good I sometimes have trouble getting phone back out!
Car Holders
Excellent Product
This phone holder Iis very compact and fits in most vent type, very easy to move from car to car , but stays in place very well even with vertical vents ! :) holds the phone very well even with case on , very happy with product.
Works very well
I have a Nissan note,strange dashboard vents but the kenu airframe fits perfectly and holds my phone securely would recommend
Excellent phone holder
Really good product, solid/quality bit of kit. My phone easily fits in the holder, easy to insert and remove. Fitting it to the air vent in my car was simple enough. I was pleased to find that the holder actually rotates (do the phone can sit horizontally or vertically) depending what you fancy on a day to day basis. Really good purchase, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family.
I bought this stand for my wife , she had one it falls all the time and does not rotate if cliped, I gave her the new Kenu Airframe Portable in-car mount & stand which is easily fitted in the aircon stripes , she also use it as stand in the office , she was very impressed and I say thanks MobileFun.
Kenu Airframe
I purchased one for myself a few months ago & since then I've bought one for my girlfriend & one for a friend as they were well impressed
Simple quality
I was sceptical that this would stay in place, but the high quality materials grip nicely. The swivel action is solid, and it generally stays where you put it. Location of the phone is easy one-handed, but it may need positioning after. I was concerned it would be too far off the line of sight, but on my Focus, it still allows good peripheral vision, and doesn't obscure the view through the windscreen. It is well-made, and feels like it will last.
kenu airframe
Ordered this because of other reviews,glad I did it works a treat and delivery was fast.
I have vans and trucks on the road all the time.The car mount makes it so easy to swap around on different vehicles. Tired of cheap and plastic ones that are to boulke . Good to put in your pocket and go.I don't have any trouble with movement at all. So thankyou for a great device.
I have vans and trucks on the road all the time.The car mount makes it so easy to swap around on different vehicles. Tired of cheap and plastic ones that are to boulke . Good to put in your pocket and go.I don't have any trouble with movement at all. So thankyou for a great device.
A major relief
Bought the Kenu mount, after having successive cheap ones that quite frankly where on up to the job. It's always a gamble but in this case it paid off. The mount is very well made and sits tight on the vent and with an xperia z3 compact holds the phone very well, no vibration when driving, easy to get the phone in and out, I'm sure it would work just as well on a bigger phone, the only things to think about are will it fit on my vents, if the vents are forward rather than recessed you'll be OK, and the movement of the vents shouldn't be too lose. On my side vent the weight pulled the phone forward so it was pointing down, but on the front middle vent the phone sits perfectly, I could have easily put a bit of foam in the side of tbe vent to stop it moving had this been the same problem with the middle. Over all as you can guess I'm very happy, driven 300 miles answered calls, used sat Nov, no problems. Feels like it's going to be around for quite some time.
Kenu Airframe
My job involves travelling nationwide.So I wanted a phone holder easy to use in my car or van & something that doesn't fall off the window screen or dashboard.The Kenu Airframe is perfect & so handy to put in your pocket aswell when not in use,I ended up buying my girlfriend one aswell as she preferred it to her window one.
Item as described on website. Jaws could be a bit deeper to better hold my phone which has curved sides. Vent holders also could do with more friction. It works reasonably well but does fall off of the vents if I don't position it carefully.
Kenu Airframe
Fine product, Nice build quality.
Have used this for over 2 week now and no complains.

Totally satisfied with the product.
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