Official Samsung Desktop USB-C Charging Dock

Charge and sync your USB Type-C (USB-C) compatible smartphone or tablet with this stylish and case compatible official Samsung desktop dock, which also acts as a multimedia and notification stand.
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  • Charge and sync your device at the same time
  • Supports fast charging
  • Adjustable universal USB-C connector
  • Works with devices with or without a case attached
  • Stable and secure mounting
  • Official Samsung accessory

Official Samsung accessory

Charge and sync your device at the same time

Utilising innovative pass-through technology, this charging dock allows you to connect your USB-C smartphone or tablet to the cradle via a USB connection and simultaneously use the computer port to charge your phone as well as synchronise your data simultaneously. This means that not only can you be sure that your device is fully charged, but that you can quickly and easily back up important data from your phone or tablet onto your computer or laptop.

You can also plug into a USB mains charger, if you don't have a computer USB port nearby.

Samsung Desktop USB-C Charging Dock

Supports fast charging

This official Samsung Desktop USB-C Charging Dock supports fast charging, so as long as your device supports fast charging and you have a compatible fast charging mains adapter & cable, you can be sure your device is charged as quickly as possible - so it is ready for action when you are.

Adjustable universal USB-C connector

This official Samsung dock has an adjustable USB-C (USB Type-C) connector that shifts, allowing you to fit your device perfectly.

Samsung Desktop USB-C Charging Dock

Works with devices with or without a case attached

This official Samsung Desktop Charging Dock stands your USB-C compatible device at a comfortable viewing angle, which provides enough room for you to use it with your device with or without a case attached, so you don't need to constantly remove your case from your device every time you wish to use the charging dock.

Samsung Desktop USB-C Charging Dock

Stable and secure mounting

The dock includes a rubberised bottom pad, which helps to provide a stable and secure base, free of movement. It will also declutter and make your desk look neater with its high quality finish.

Samsung Desktop USB-C Charging Dock


Please note: mains charging adapter and cable not included.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 118 x 118 x 66 mm
  • Weight: 263.92g
  • Input : 5.0V / 2.0A (Maximum)

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