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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Wireless Charger Pad - Black Arviot

Wirelessly charge your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge with ease using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Pad featuring intelligent circuit protection.
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Good piece of kit.
Works nicely on my Samsung S6 and partner's S8
Works well with Samsung Galaxy S6
Works well with Samsung Galaxy S6. Mobile needs to be placed centrally on charger. Works with mobile in a standard plastic flip phone case.
Another excellent Samsung Product
I recently purchased the Samsung Wireless Charger from MobileZap, another excellent product highly recommended.
Excellent buy!
The wireless charger works amazing and it charges my Samsung really fast. I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy a wireless charger or any other product to buy it through MobileZap. The website is easy to use and payment is made securely. I received my item on time in perfect condition.
So useful I bought two!
It is really handy to just drop your phone on the wireless charging pad, and you can easily see when it is fully charged by the green LED that lights up the edge of the pad.
I found a cheaper version that looked identical on an online auction site, complete with Samsung branding, but it turned out to be a fake. The LED doesn't turn green when charging is complete, and the phone gets hot.
Much better to pay the few extra bucks and get the genuine product from MobileZap. The build quality is much better. I now have 2 of these in different parts of the house, and they work well with both my Galaxy S6 and S7.
Remember you'll need to supply the charger; it doesn't come with a charger.
Works just fine
I did misunderstand the product at first. It still has to be plugged in and the phone laid on the pad. No different than a wired charger really. I still use it though.
Great charger but annoying light
A great little charger and your phone won’t slip off it easily. It lights up blue when you place a phone on it to charge which, although it is quite dim, is very annoying in a dark bedroom. Also does not come with a micro usb cable or mains adapter.
Very happy...
This product is exactly as described and I'm very happy with it. I would definitely buy from this site again without worry.
Be aware however that it can take a while to arrive so if it's a gift, order in lots of time! It has a long way to travel. ????
Good product. Very slow delivery
Product was perfect. Delivery time longer then what was stated at time of purchase.
Just the job
Does everything I thought it would. Glows blue when charging and green when fully charged. Charges just as fast as the normal charger did. Just put the phone down central on it and no more plugging a cable into the phone.
Works well but not so well in a moving vehicle
Samsung are now manufacturing phones with non durable USB ports.The S3 port was tougher than the S6. The S6 is tougher than the S7.
If the USB breaks within the warranty period, it may not always be covered under the warranty. They charge $400.00 to fix it. The first symptom of a worn out USB port is that Windows wont recognize it when you plug it in for backup. (So you think it's a systems incompatibility problem.)
A cordless charger like this saves wear and tear on the USB port so it is becoming an essential item.
This one mostly works well, but occasionally switches off off. (You can tell if the light is off.) Then you have to apply just a little pressure and it will work again. You will see that the light goes off when you remove the phone.) If you are in a moving vehicle, it may stop working frequently, as the movement may stop it detecting the weight of the phone.
Great product.
Just as anticipated. No longer searching for a cable and trying to identify the orientation position. Just put your phone down as you would on a table, desk, chair or anything else. Pity it's a little expensive or I would have several dotted around the house!!
Quality product
Very pleased. Works well even through my waterproof case which is what I was hoping for in order to save removing the seal covering the charge socket every time I wanted to charge the phone. Does not charge as quickly as the fast adaptive charger. The pad does of course still need the cable from the socket to supply the power; this is not provided. Very happy with it.
Awesomeness in one item
Love it
I didn't have a smartphone, don't lie mobiles, my previous 'phone was always out of money or charge or both, I got caught in a traffic jam going to pic up a grandson from school and couldn't make a call - utter frustration. My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy, didn't like it and then bought an iPhone (!) and so I got the Galaxy. Getting the Wireless Charger solved one of two problems, it is simply brilliant and charges through the plastic case (somehow!), I took out a monthly contract to solve the other problem. Ergo, I can now warn people when events make me late!! Excellent service, too. I am not a bot!!!
I was skeptical about wireless charging, but i got this for work, seeing as i use the phone so much and when it's plugged in to the pc, it's forever asking for permissions on both sides. The wireless charging seems to work as fast as cable, the only down side, if it is one, is that you have the position the phone perfectly in the center. often if you try to text while it's on the charger, it will flash up, charging paused, charging, charging paused, probably because it's moving a little. Good though. I use it every day.
Brilliant Charging Device
The black design blends in with my black glass desk. It's fast and convenient. Faster than cable charging and convenient because you can just take your device off and leave without being restrained by cables.
Very happy with the product.
Very happy with the product. It doesn't charge as fast as plugging the phone directly into the mains but i knew that at the time of purchase. Service was also excellent. Product arrived within days and for a great price too.
Very Impressed
I bought this wireless charger pad as I know they work well. This one came on the day specified which is always a bonus.

The charger itself is fast and sits on my desk taking up very little room. You can see it works as it lights up when you place your mobile on it.

Much faster charge than plugging it in.
Amazing bit of kit
Do not know how this works but it works a treat, plug in the charger lay your phone on the top and bingo your phone starts to charge. Saved me a costly repair to my phone.
Absolutely brilliant
Absolutely brillian, but don't let your phone completely run out of battery as it turns off the wireless and then the pad doesn't work, at least that's what happed to me. Otherwise the best little device ever.
Unbelievable, how do these work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The charging port for my Samsung S6 became faulty and left me unable to charge my phone, a friend suggested trying a wireless charger as an alternative to an expensive repair, I purchased this item, plugged it in placed the phone on to it and eureka my phone started to charge. Don't how it works but its a great success.
good product
This wireless charger doses what it says on the tin - good product and delivered on time. One note is that charging will take longer than via cable but I presume this is due to the design and not faulty product.
When i bought this i was a bit sceptical. Then when it came i plugged it in. And then thought you daft thing you've bought this and your phones in a wallet/credit card holder etc. And it means messing about taking the phone out every time i wanted to charge it up. I thought it was a waste of time but i just lay it on the charger and i couldnt believe it but it started charging straight away. And no i'm not a bogus person writing this, just a very surprised person thats astonished it works without taking all the stuff of my phone. Very happy with it.
Good product.
The Samsung wireless charger really is very clever and so handy! No need to fumble round with bloody cords anymore!
I unfortunately thought it would come with an a.c. cord tho but I have to order that separately.
Otherwise though it was a very smart purchase.
Good product.
The Samsung wireless charger really is very clever and so handy! No need to fumble round with bloody cords anymore!
I unfortunately thought it would come with an a.c. cord tho but I have to order that separately.
Otherwise though it was a very smart purchase.
Not what I expected
I thought I was buying a wireless charger ie it would charge my phone stand alone so can use when away from home. It doesn't it has to be plugged in and you sit your phone on it. Pointless as you can just as easily plug you're phone in with the lead.
excellent product
excellent product, works like a dream
One word..GREAT
Good charger at great price
I went with a "non-fast" charger to save money. Make sure you are aware of this before getting this model.
I use it at work for short charges between heavy uses of the phone.
Shipping was fast. Very happy.
Product as desribed
The product arrived within the prescribed time and was as advertised.
Great cosmic disk
Absolutely love my white wireless charger pad, it's funky, light, stylish & suits my needs. Did have to have words with my teenage son though, who thought it was a jazzy coaster, to put his coffee cup on!
Very happy
I charged my phone last night, every thing went well
Why didn't I buy this before!?
Great piece of kit. Not sure why I didn't buy one sooner!
Great genuine product
Great genuine product. The charger arrived in great time and well packed. There is no charging cable in the box, you use the one that comes with your phone. My phone charged from 50% to 100% in about an hour which is what I expected as I didn't buy the super fast charger. Good value and no more faffing around with cables, trying to plug it in to charge before you go to bed :-)
Not as amazing as I thought
The charger needs to have a lead for a start which isn't included. I thought it was one that could be charged up and wireless. When putting the phone on it, it was temperamental. Sometimes it charged and sometimes it didn't. So it didn't have a the added benefits I thought it would rather than use a normal charger. It is also quite slow I. Charging .
Great service
Great fast service....thank you! After my phones recharge chip broke in my samsung I couldn't charge my phone. This flat charger that I can lay my phone on is absolutely perfect! Highly recommend....thanks guys for a nother option.
good product
does the job - a charger that you don't have to plug in to the phone - bear in mind you still have to plug the charger in so it's not a power bank. Not superfast like a straight connection but not slow like without the fast plug.
Absolutely superb product from an excellent efficient and trustworthy shop/site. Wouldn't buy from anywhere else now.
does what it says on the tin
This is a great product: looks slinky and works every time. A blue light appears when you place your phone onto the pad, and this turns green when the phone is fully charged. Works even through a phone cover. The only reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it slows down the charge time: with the fast charging cable, the Samsung Galaxy S7 charges in less than an hour, but with the pad, it can take more than twice as long. But it beats fiddling with the cable hands down, so I don't really use the cable any more.
Amazing & Useful Device!
I purchased this for use at home as I was fed up of plugging the fiddly charging cable in & out! I'ts the greatest thing I've ever purchased for my mobi. I've never had any issues with it and it charges through my protective cover perfectly. If you had to take off the case to charge your phone that would be defeating the purpose of this convenient device. Note: There is no plug or charger included, this device is for use with the plug and cord you received with your phone, (mine is plugged into my PC). There's a blue LED whilst charging, a green LED when it's fully charged & no LED when there's no phone contact with the charger base, the LED's are a nice gentle glow, not too bright or in your face! If your thinking of purchasing, just do it, you wont be disappointed!!
I love the S6 Edge wireless charger.
I was having a problem inserting the charging cable into my mobile. With the wireless charger, this problem has been resolved. I am delighted with the product and the company. Delivery was quick and packaging great. A very happy customer.
Great value, swift delivery!
Fantastic price for an excellent product! Bought it as a gift and was overly impressed by the swift delivery of the product! Will definitely be buying from this site again! Would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for brilliant products at an excellent price and service!
Does what it says
This charger makes life a lot easier ,saves hunting around for a charger,works fine.
Does what it says...make sure you use the Samsung charger that came with your phone.
looks good
item works perfectly, looks good, but the advertising was misleading in that I thought I was buying a product that was in itself wireless but in fact it has to be plugged in. However the Samsung website was misleading not necessarily Mobile Fun. delivery was late (a few days outside the 10 day advised time) but this did happen over Christmas so its understandable.
Excellent Service
I had previously been let down for a charging pad the week before Christmas with only 1 store selling them in Ireland.
MobileFun had it to me within 2 days and had a fraction of the price. The charging pad is authentic. Definately order from these again
Arrived in good condition.Took a little longer but it is holiday time.
Arrived in good condition.Took a little longer but it is holiday time. I intend to order one more as it works well.
Does what it says on the tin
Only gets slightly warm with use
It's the real McCoy!
Not a knock off...works great...fast ship. I would highly recommend MobileFun.com I will definitely order from this company again. Great price, quality merchandise AND great service!!!
Samsung wireless charger
I received my Samsung wireless charger today and I am really impressed by how effective it is. I have a case on my phone and it still works without having to take the case off my phone.

The battery was on 95% when I placed it on the wireless charger. I made a cup of tea and the light went from blue to green to indicate that the battery is now fully charged.

I would recommend this product to all as it really is nice to be able to place your phone down when you need a charge without having to plug it in all the time.

I forget to plug in my phone to charge sometimes as I don't like turning on the light to plug it in correctly. This will make charging a lot easier as I can now just place it on the charging dock when I am ready to go to sleep.
FAB genuine samsong wireless charger here!
I found straight away that this made this charging my phone very easy and quick to use, then using the plugin the usual way of my phone, in which made it more convenient.

Also, even though the charging kit does not come with a cable to use with this divorce, you can use the supplied one that comes with your phone!

A great piece of kit for charging your phone, in which I would highly recommend to anyone!
Amazing dimension
Lovely gadget. Really impressive how it works. Couldn't wish for a better charger for my beautiful Samsung s6 Edge. Highly recommended to all who wants to put its phone in a safe place!
I would actually never know about it until visited www.mobile fun.co.uk
So much easier to charge
Great product. So much easier to charge your phone. Place on the side and just rest your phone on and charges in no time.
Really neat and simple charger. Does what it says. Great not to have to fiddle with the standard lead. Just lay the phone on the pad and away you go! Love it.
It's great
I'm really enjoying it. Charges my phone quick and would definitely recommend others to get one.
Great genuine samsong wireless charger
First time I've used mobile fun. They sell great products a good prices. Delivery was quick and a fare price.
Have nothing negative to say. My charging pad arrived within a reasonable amount of time. In the future, I will order other products.
Great way to charge wireless phones
A well made top quality wireless charging base. looks good too with blue led base light that changes to green when its fully charged your phone. Good value well worth the money and very handy accessory. Well done Mobile Fun for great all round service again.
I really love this
I recently buy a Samsung s6 edge and I looked for a wireless charger and I found this website online. I found the charger at the best price possible and I really love this.
Thank you for your service.
I will buy again.
100% Official Wireless chargers
So many fake Samsung wireless chargers on the Web, I knew Mobilefun sold only official Samsung versions, they did not let me down, perfect product, much cheaper than Samsung direct, works on S6/S7/Note7 and all QI enabled phones as a standard wireless charger which is much safer than fast charging :-) remember to use your own quality branded cable as this is only the charging unit itself, 100% recommended.
Great for saving usb port damaged.
Great item but does not come with 2 amp fast inductive charger. So if your charger died like mine be prepared to fork out for that too but great product and very happy.
It works perfectly! Thank you
Thank you for the fast delivery. It works pefectly! I love it!
Works well for Galaxy S6
I bought the wireless charger pad for my Galaxy S6 (not an Edge, or Edge+). As other reviewers have mentioned, you only get the pad and will need to use the charging cable that came with the phone to plug into the pad.
The pad is not as large as I thought, it's only about the size of the palm of your hand.
The contact charging works well.
The only negative is the blue light on the charger that comes on; if you're like me and keep your phone charging next to your bed at night, the light may annoy you. It's not particularly bright though.
Be aware that you can turn off the charging beep on your phone, which chimes every time you rest your phone on the pad, by going to:
Settings > Sounds and vibration, and toggling Charging sounds to Off.
I ordered Samsung accessories. Delivery was quite fast as it was quite fast. I ordered wireless charger , case and screen protector. I am yet to receive screen protector but I was advised when it comes. I was very happy with the order , as it shows.
I ordered Samsung accessories. Delivery was quite fast as it was quite fast. I ordered wireless charger , case and screen protector. I am yet to receive screen protector but I was advised when it comes. I was very happy with the order , as it shows.
Good value, works well
Really simple and elegant bit of kit which works well. Excellent price compared to the phone shops. Also works if you have your phone in one of the Samsung branded cases.
A Great Aternative to Wired Charging
Having damaged the charging point on my S6 Edge I was looking at a heavy repair bill to get the item fixed or even a new phone.Until I discovered Wireless Charging!! What a great alternative at an amazing price!! my problem was solved for virtully no cost outlay and within n hour of placing my powerless device on the charging pad it was fully charged and back to its best. Added to this I was able to get next day delivery direct to my workplace meaning minimum time phoneless. I am very very hqppy with thiw purchsse. Thank You!!
Whats the point
Brought this product thinking it would be a wireless charger... like charge the battery and then not need to carry cords around other then this disk to give my phone a little more life.

Not the case. Still has to be plugged in to work.

Plugged into the disk rather then your phone.

Most pointless accessory ever
Hi Liv

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with your purchase. The idea behind it is for example, you can place the wireless charging pad on a desk, bedside table etc and rather than looking for a cable to plug into your phone each and every day / night, you simply place your phone on the pad and it charges.
Brilliant product
No more trying to push charger cables into my phone. Definitely recommend this product.
Like Magic
It's like magic! charges your mobile with plugging it in, brlliant.
Posted out very quickly to.
Great item
Easy to use. Quick to set up. Charges from 32% to 100% in just 42 minutes. Charger turns green when phone is at 100%. Unobtusive and compact. Great buy.
Great product
Genuine Samsung product. Good value, great product and good service
1st Class Charger
Very speedy charging. Blue light ring comes on within 2 seconds of phone being placed on charger. Time taken to charge from 38% to 100% was 48 minutes whilst phone was still switched on. When the phone was switched off the charging took less time. At the end of charging the Blue Light around the charger changed to Green. Excellent item, very pleased with it. It is also neat and unobtrusive.
Could be better
Well the wireless charger pad is very good and working but I thought you get USB cable to go with it and I saw on videos on YouTube they had it but unfortunately I only received the pad.
Stylish and easy to use
The charging pad was delivered quickly, it is stylish and works perfectly. I charge my S7 overnight.
Handy but particular
Does not come with a cord or plug, won't work with some cases and is very often particular about placement of phone for charging to occur.
Couldn't be happier
Arrived quickly, fits snugly and comfortable to hold. Very pleased with my purchase.
I have received what I need
I am very happy . Because I have received the charger it's perfect and the sent me very fast , I can recommend this mobile fun for any body who wish to receive quality product faster
Slow charging
I ordered this item to make it easier to charge my phone. Whilst it looks great it charges the phone very slowly. I left it on the charge for 30 minutes and it had only charged 3 percent.

On the other had Mobile fun were great. Fast delivery as usual.
Hi Ashton

It certainly should have charged more than 3%. Please check the mains charger you are using and the cable attached to see if there are any problems there. Also ensure the phone is correctly positioned on the pad and that there are no background processes running that might use a lot of power.

If you are still experiencing issues after these checks, please contact our Customer Services team.
Too easy
Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Wireless Charger Pad - White
I love this. So convenient, no phone cords and charges quickly.
great item
love this item,it works well and looks even better,it arrived quickly and well packaged,and it was great value for money.
Very useful
I use this every evening to charge my phone overnight. The only disappointment is that it does not turn green when the phone is fully charged. Just stays blue.
Good and works well
This item arrived quickly after ordering, and once unpacked it struck me how aesthetically pleasing it looked. Never mind the looks I hear you say - how well does it work? The answer is fine - it does just what it says on the tin. Lol.
I have used it many times now, and it does the job well, whilst being a good looking item too. Don't think you can go too far wrong with this - recommended.
Samsung Wireless Charger for S6 / S6 Edge
Its an official Samsung Wireless Charger. Good price. It arrived very quickly. Doesn't come with a plug and lead but that's not a problem just use the one that came with your phone or buy one with the charger. When charging phone it lights up blue and when fully charged it lights up green. No putting lead into phone to charge so saving on damaging charging port. I have a S View case on phone and still charges. It is a fantastic product from a great company and highly recommended.
Convenient and sleek
It's easy to use, very comfy and keeps the cables in place and away from damage. It's a good purchase!
Love this product
very impressed
i am delighted with this product saves so much time plugging charger into the phone brilliant idea well done guys onward and forward just love the inovation you guys are doin keep it up!! Geoff Mitchell
Good product
Love how it's so easy to use
Great little device
You need the cable to plug into the charger to the mains/ computer as no wire is included. I think it is a smart charger my son likes it , it also stops you from overcharging your phone. It lights up and changes colour when fully charged.
Overall a fantastic quirky sophisticated unit
Charging time it takes to fully charge phone. Any cable with a small USB is compatible with the unit. Slip free design
Overall a fantastic quirky sophisticated unit which compliments a great samsung s6 edge handset
Great product.
Good product.performs as anticipated in reasonable time frames. Takes the nuisance value out of charging your phone.
No power cable
The charger did not come with a power lead so you have to use the one that charges the phone. Because of that, the charger is surplus to requirement really and not a separate charger.
Despite that it does work well.
Fantastic wireless charger...
Absolutely love this charger...charges my Samsung Galaxy S6 super fast and with the official S View cover in place...(there had been others that had said that it wouldn't work with the cover on) but am happy to report that this is not true...and it works perfectly...

Don't have to worry about plugging the charger wire into my phone any longer just switch on the wireless charger and place phone onto it and before I know it it is charged...all in all excellent piece of kit...couldn't be happier.
Really good product saves having to fiddle with the micro USB port on the phone
Really good product saves having to fiddle with the micro USB port on the phone risking damaging it.just place on the charger before bed and fully charged in the morning.excellent.and excellent service from mobilefun.co.will definitely use again.thanks.
Great product
Very convenient, haven't had any problems so far. Works great charges faster with fast adapter also.
What a great product. Even though I used snail mail the order came within 10days. the disc is compact and simple to use. I can keep it with me at all times. Definitely recommend it. Great product, great value.
Why not.
Excellent piece of kit, makes charging so much easier, saves messing about with plugs & leads and looks good too.
Well worth the money. Love it.
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