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Reviews for Olixar Car Aux Bluetooth Adapter: Add Wireless Connectivity To Your Device

Enable in car speakers or other HiFi devices to receive audio signals wirelessly with this Olixar wireless audio receiver. In a sleek bullet shaped housing, even enjoy answering calls hands free with the built-in mic. Perfect on the road or at home.
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Enable in car speakers or other HiFi devices to receive audio signals wirelessly with this Olixar wireless audio receiver. In a sleek bullet shaped housing, even enjoy answering calls hands free with the built-in mic. Perfect on the road or at home.
 4.8 stars from 46 Asiakkaat

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Great appliances
Everything for today’s phones all in one place. Easy access and super fast delivery.
Decent sound quality, great value
Product works really well and is a good price. With my old one I used to have to put the volume on my car stereo to max to hear properly, but the sound quality here is much better. Speedy delivery too
it works
Easy to set up/conect to. Exactly what i wanted
Highly recommend
Very easy to set up. Should have bought this one the first time .excellent value for the money
Give your car Bluetooth streaming capabilities
I've now bought 3 of these and they work brilliantly. Long battery life. No loss of quality through the aux socket either. All for £10.
Works brilliantly
Small, works, what more can I say. The price is excellent for such a helpful device. I don't have DAB in my car and prefer non standard news radio stations, so now I can listen to those on my car radio, and also get phone navigation the same way. Can also choose my music and listen to podcasts. Excellent.
Does the job
Couldn't be happier as my 24 years old system is back to life. Easy connect and phone pairing, vintage better quality sound to enjoy. Recommended
Works well
Does exactly what it's supposed too, but don't expect 5hrs on a full charge more like 2 hrs continus.
very good,works well
it was for my grandson who fitted a Hands free but music was not very load through his speakers, with Oliver car aux bluetooth adaptor fitted has cured problem
What an amazing little gadget… I couldn’t believe how simple it was to just switch it on, plug it in and have everything work through my phone. Absolutely delighted, it’s saved me a load of hassle and wires being able to use it to answer my phone hands-free .
Excellent connection
It's all in the text
Ir does what the text says easily
Good product
Works well, does everything it needs to do and quality is good as long as phone volume is all the way up (which can then be changed with the car stereo or whatever else) only thing I’d say is be careful not to lean on it as the shape of it would make it easy for the aux itself to snap
Olixar car aux Bluetooth adapter
Great device simply Bluetooth phone to this and bingo you have all music from phone to car stereo,I really rate this ????
very good
good easy to set up and use
Cracking little device for connecting a phone to an older car radio
I needed to connect my android mobile via bluetooth to my aged 2012 mini car radio. But my phone has no aux-out jack port and the radio will not accept audio via bluetooth. This little device is perfect! Charge it up, press the button to wake it up and it will find your phone (once you have paired it of course!). Great for podcast listening! The charging cable is short yet, but luckily my old motor has a USB port right next to aux-in port. Seems to charge quickly, just think ahead a little. Very happy! I think it connects the phone at the same time via the bluetooth, so calls come through at the same time.
Working perfectly
Easy to use
Works well in my 11 year old Corsa and samsung s22 ultra. Paired with my phone without need for a code, plugged into the 3.5 mm car audio socket. Each time I get in my car now, just press the on button on the Olixar, pairs straight away with my phone then it's up and running.

Sound quality is great. For the price it's a steal.
Awesome product!
Very sleek and sexy looking
Works very well
It was very good service. Product is very good quality.
Great device - not cheap quality and works great!
Olixar makes great products, and I am always happy buying their products. The bluetooth connection is strong and immediately transforms old car stereos into working bluetooth - and has even handled phone calls!

One quick word to the wise - It comes pre-charged, but not all the way. If your car has a USB charging port, I'd get a long charging cable and plug it in while driving. The cable it comes with it pretty short.
Amazing Bit Of Kit
Has transformed my in-car audio options so rather than using cable to connect which was always hampered by phone case and kept getting tangled, use this and connects like a dream and great quality, bonus being other people in car can connect too to play their tunes
Useful device
I have a DAB Radio with good speakers and an AUX input but no Bluetooth. Plug this in and hey presto I can pair my phone with all its music and podcasts and get much better sound quality.
Great Upgrade to an old car
Used this to add Bluetooth to my corsa. Saves you so much money spent on getting a new radio put in. It works great, easy to connect the first time and after that when the device is on it connects straightaway. Don’t hesitate battery life is better than described!!
Great item
Very good quality and does the job excellent!
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