Olixar HexStyli Stylus Tip Replacement Pack - Pack of 5 Arviot

Official 5 pack of replacement stylus tips for the Olixar HexStyli.
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Australian website does not make it clear this product is shipped from the UK
I would have liked to know that this product was shipped from the UK before placing my order, so I could be prepared for the fact it would take 3 weeks to arrive. However, product was as expected with no issues thankfully. Not sure I would order again due to lengthy delivery time, however.
Brilliant product.
As the product was shipped from overseas, I realised it would take some time to arrive. So no complaints about that.
Brilliant product.
As the product was shipped from overseas, I realised it would take some time to arrive. So no complaints about that.
Happy with product, delivery time and value for money.
Quirky and Fun
The pen is quirky and fun apart from that it does everything it's supposed to do and is a talking point to all who have seen it.
Great service and excellent product.
Great pen
If you have a pen have one that has a multitude of uses
Little Black Number!
I've used the silver versions for some time, but was taken by th elegance of this black one.

These pens are superb. Write well, feel good have many useful functions and last.

A quality pen for not much dosh!

Love 'em.
Description says it all.
Stylish & Practical
Admittedly, I do feel that this pen is a novelty, albeit quite a practical one. Stylish too! I just wish a metallic red finish was an option for this product.

As far as rubber-tipped styluses go, it's pretty responsive and accurate on my Xperia XZ Premium. Its weight feels just right, and makes wielding it quite comfortable.

The screwdriver tip is pretty handy, and can potentially be even more so if you personally happen to have a whole set of various bits to switch around with like I do. Downside is it relies on a tiny rubber O-ring to hold the bit in place, instead of being magnetic, which would've made it extremely useful in that sense, as well as in dealing with pesky tiny screws.
Does what it says in the review. That suits me fine.
Nothing, really. It's a great product. Well made. Nicely priced. I like the multiple tools. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, quality, fun stylus. And it arrived well protected and sooner than ecpected.
Nice refills
These were too small. It didn't tell me the length and I needed 3 & 1/4 in refill and these are 2 & 3/4 in. If there were some that are the length I need, I will purchase them. I'd recommend you if you had what they needed.
Convient and useful
All I needed to know was stated in the description
I can use my pen again - very pleased
I wasn’t able to find blue refills on the site so settled for black. Packaged nicely. I bought a couple of packs - 6 refills in all to warrant the postage. I like my pen to write with so was disappointed when it ran out and didn’t want to throw it away. Wasn’t able to buy any refills in local shops but a search on the net located a source - pleased about that.
As I expected, very good product.
Good product
the informatio already on the website was sufficient.

There was an implicatiion on the packaging that the ink refill could be filled at home but it turned out that the refill could be changed, which is not so special and did not require a mention.
Stunning design and works well too
Although slightly bulkier than the average stylus pen this is a most inventive design, a quality product and makes you look as if you've chosen to use a stylus rather than, like me, having to use one because my fingers don't work well. Even the packaging is as cool as the pen and I was more excited about all the gadgets within the pen than I was about getting a new phone. Well worth buying.
Just as brilliant as expected!
Go for the silver colour. I believe it will feel even more premium. The passive stylus tip is okay. I just wish it was more accurate. But after the discount I got, I am totally content. Great product design and excellent quality. 4 stars.
Multi function Pen and Stylus
The description was accurate, I found the pen was good to write with, but I get the most use out of this pen in its stylus function with my smartphone. So I was surprised to find I use the pen as a stylus 90% of the time as it has reduced data keying mistakes heaps.
I liked this pen combination so much I bought two new ones when my daughter in law borrowed my original one.
Excellent product
Have now bought 2 silver and black, the most useful and only pens I now use, having the stylus on the pen is great for IPad and phone use.
Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen 
It is very good product.
Amazing product

I love this. I have a screwdriver and spirit level as well as a stylus
I just have to make it a habit
It is a nifty little gadget and should help to make my phone and tablet use a lot more accurate. I really am going to try to use it consistently. And that is aside from all the little bonus extrashers which will undoubtedly come in handy.
just what the doc ordered
Love it
Very good product
The ink blots terribly and the next day after I got the pen it broke down. When I got the ballpoint out it slipped back in the moment it touched the paper.
It's great
I got this pen for the stylus - all the extras are perks.
Everyone who has seen my pen wants one - many people suggested it would be good as a secret santa in the office (we received it at Xmas time) :)
Useful implement
"It does exactly what it says on the tin"
Very nice mobile gadget that works as advertised. Delivered in excellent condition.
Very good
6in1 pen
Great versatile product but not easy replacing the dabbler tip.
Vey Handy
A great quality product with handy features
the best
The best pen i have ever used it is so smooth and the weight is just right , plus the gripping.
A must have pen!
This is a great pen for your smartphone! It is very functional and in a stylish silver grey colour! The built in screw driver heads, rulers and spirit level are very handy when you are away from the work-place! It is refillable with black ink and the replacement cartridges available online! I now am able to write heaps of notes on my S9 plus when I am on the fly! A must addition for your smartphone at a very reasonable cost!
Excellent Pen
This is an excellent and extremely useful item mainly as a writing pen but also as a stylus for my Android pad, I never go anywhere without it and indeed I have a spare and refills.
Thankyou the delivery was prompt
Olixar HexStyli Pen Refills
I love my HexStyli pen, and being able to quickly order the three pack of refills is great. Placing an order is quick and efficient, and I'm kept informed of my orders progress all the way to delivery.
Solid and quality
The feel and weight of this alloy pen make it worth carrying every day. You may not need all the functions, but occasionally you will and they are there. I first bought some when they were very good value, but now they are getting expensive. A nice item when less than €10.
I think its fabuuuluss!!
Ill take a couple!! But wondering IF I should switch to Iphone or continue with Note phones or TOTALLY FLIP to Pixel! I haven't done anything yet because I'm fearing what IS NOT in " the box" and how much money will be REQUIRED TO make a change by add ons/ replacements I'll need in of all of my Android everything! Sure would love some advice re what phone to get esp if I go Iphone. I have no one to help me in this NEW FRONTIER, Hal !
It's a pen
It was exactly as described in the advert.
My favourite ballpen
The extra 5 functions (other than writing) are a bonus, and will be rarely used, but it is the build quality and heft that make it attractive. I have had one of these which I carry always for many years, and perhaps used the measuring, level and screwdriver functions a mere handful of times. I use fingers on my phone screen far more than the stylus rubber tip, but the pen is a pleasure to hold and use, and clips very well in a pocket. I have seen the price rise enormously to the point now where even the sale price does not attract me, but this is perhaps because I bought half a dozen when they were first on sale at £2.99, about 5 or 6 years ago and I still have 3 left after gifting the others.
A very good working multi-stylus
You already described it very well on your site.
I bought it for a woman who likes novelties and gadgets that really work, and this ticked all her boxes. She finds it most useful.
Thank you.
It is a good novelty, and my DIY friend loves it, and says thank you
Nothing more than was advertised. I have a friend into DIY and she loves it, so I am pleased too.
An excellent pen classically styled with additional MOST useful spirit level an two well hidden screwdriver heads Phillips and standard flat blade also the stylus for phone screen is a unique feature. All in a desireable must have pen.
I should like the facility of additional colour refills particularly red blue and green. Useful for editing plans.
good little item
Great 6 in 1 pen, great for every day use or for a novelty gift
You get what you see, can't say anymore than that
Just what I wanted. Very smooth to write with and comfortable to hold.
This 6 in 1 Stylus Pen is a very good little item. I obtained pen refills at the same time, this is the best thing to do as other Stylus Pens I have it is almost impossible to get refills. The pen is very good, action excellent and the ball allows a nice smooth writing action. The Screwdriver ends are just the right size for mini screw heads as used on calculator or other small battery covers. The spirit level although very small can be useful in confined spaces, and the Metric and Imperial measuring scales could be useful at times. All m,in all a very good device.
good value and handy to use styuls
very handy i use the pen and stylus every day
Very handy - I have it on my desk or in my bag all the time - it is really useful.
Robust feel with a feeling of elegance. Pen feels comfortable and stylus does it's job. Yet to use the other tools to give the 5 stars.
I would prefer an easier mechanism to use the pen and the stylus to be sharper in shape.
The best pen you’ll ever own.
Very handy indeed, though I have yet to use some of the tools, but I know they’re there. Would make a great present.
Great pen, particularly the stylus tip.
This is a great pen, with a few extras that have already proved helpful. The stylus tip is one of the most effective and accurate I have used. The one shortcoming seems to be that the barrel can twist relatively easily while you are writing, accidentally retracting the pen tip. Once discovered this is easily managed in use.
A must have for not so nimble fingers.
I bought this pen as a present and when I saw it I wanted one.
As a 77year old lady whose fingers arnt as agile anymore it is a boon. It writes beautifully, the grip is very good. Stylus used for mobile phone. Screwdriver for saving my nails breaking, taking out staples ect. Measure useful for small sewing projects and converting cms to inches. Spirit level for novelty value. I want a couple more when you have a BOGOF
Really useful addition to phone.
Using it now to write this review. Very useful pen, ruler, level, stylus etc....bought 4 to give as Christm'as presents...
Good enough when on discount
If familiar with the 'Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen' series, they are nice, functional pens that do "enough" things for their size. However, if you are considering seriously between Silver and Black, Silver is the way to go.

Black one feels "not at the same quality" as Silver
Heavy but effective.
This was a bit bigger than I expected but, I have to say it does what it says on the tin. It works on my iPhone and my tablet, the ruler has proved useful, and it is a handy pen. All in all, a good buy. Thank you.
A really really useful item
I have bought several of these pens as gifts for my relatives. It is light and easy to carry around in your bag or pocket and it is so useful. I do a lot of drawing and making notes and dealing with items of equipment and I am finding it indispensable.
I had to buy two

I bought one for myself but had to buy another for my niece.
Most unique pen I have ever owned.
The Olixar Hex Styli 6-in-1 pen is my favorite pen. I have several pens and this is the one that gets most of the use. It is very good quality and have used all the features since I have owned it. I have impressed everyone that I have shown it to. It will make a great gift and a pen that will last a long time. I have found it very easy to replace the stylus and refills that last a long time. Simply love it!
Great service prompt delivery completely satisfied thankyou
Very good stocking filler.
My dad and partner will love it as very handy and can fit in pocket.
Good product problem with order but soon resolved good service
Good product had a problem with the order resolved very well would buy from these people again very fast postage
Items received.
?????????? on product
?????????? on delivery
?????????? on time
Multi Option Pen
I bought this pen as I am an engineer to it looked very useful for the jobs that I do.It arrived pretty promptly and is exactly as described. So far I have had no complaints. Only a slight problem with the pen. I find the ink a little troubling. It does not flow as easily as I am used to and does appear to struggle on certain paper. I would recommend the product as it is very useful to have around.
Absolutely first class gadget - too good to call it just a pen. I've bought many of these to give as gifts but am reluctant to part with them. I just want to keep them all but mustn't be greedy.
I have bought this as a gift so I can't give much of a review, but it looks good, and was packaged well.
I can't comment on the pen's functions as I have bought it for a gift, but I'm sure it does all it says on the box.
Great gadget
Great for a Christmas gift for the man who has everything. In fact I am so impressed with it I have ordered one for myself! It was delivered so quickly too.
Quality Comes as Standard
Mobile phones should be fun but these days when is a phone just a phone? Their versatility with respect to communication is endless. And so it should be with accessories also. A stylus allows quick and easy use of the icons without damaging the essential component – the screen. With MobileFun Olixar products one gets style and quality added as standard. Have had several cheap stylus pens over the years, but the 6-in-1 stylus pen adds that special touch to one’s phone. The pen oozes quality, both in appearance and touch. One doesn’t have to be a “geek” to have features like a spirit level and an inch/centimetre rule to hand – surprising how many day to day activities one reaches for the trusty stylus pen. Wouldn’t be without it – brilliant design.
Great present
Recently bought an iPad for my wife and this pen was just the ticket! The stylus work well and the extras that are part of it work well too.
I have bought this for a friend. They see the pen I bought a while ago for myself and like it very much so I bought her one.
I have purchased I think about 4 for different friends and they are very pleased with them
Nice refill Pack
I really like my Olixar pen, which I received as a gift, so was upset that when it's cartridge ran out I couldn't find a local supplier. I found MobileZap via a Google search with the 3 pack of refills for my pen. Great price and quick delivery. Thanks.
Happy customer
Good delivery will buy again
Wonder pen
Got this pen the other week and was very impressed by the build and the look of the pe what with the onboard gagits on the pen showed a few friends the pen and they all said what a lovely looking pen and thought this was a cool looking pen. And worth a lot more than I paid
Wonder pen
I was very surprised and very pleased when my pen and refills arrived I have never seen beautiful well made pen with all the handy tools on board I was so pleased I got another two and cleaning kit I give it 10 star rateing
Completely satisfied with what I ordered and your service.
The items I purchased were hard to find. They were priced right and your shipment was fast and I received just what I wanted. I am completely satisfied with the product, price, and service.
Good pen
Good pen
Brilliant Useful Pen
I have had one of the pens myself for a few months. I wanted to order some refills for it and then decided I would buy 2 more of the pens also as birthday gifts as they are so useful,
As well as all the items on the pen I also like the softish top piece that I can use to
dial the numbers on my mobile instead of pressing with largish fingers on the very small dials.
I would recommend this pen to every age group. They are great value for the money!
Brilliant Useful Pen
I have had one of the pens myself for a few months. I wanted to order some refills for it and then decided I would buy 2 more of the pens also as birthday gifts as they are so useful,
As well as all the items on the pen I also like the softish top piece that I can use to
dial the numbers on my mobile instead of pressing with largish fingers on the very small dials.
I would recommend this pen to every age group. They are great value for the money!
A great item it's all you need in one place
A great item it's all you need in one place, the pen so you don't have to search for one to write anything down, the screw drivers very handy for opening battery covers and the level and ruler are very handy especially when you are looking to see measurements on the things you buy on the web without hunting for a tape measure.
Lil gadget has a multi use. Very practical
Good quality, arrived on time.
We are very pleased with the products. Good quality and well finished.
Postage was very quick and everything was in good condition on arrival.
We will look forward to doing more in the future.
Thank you again
got it & it works
Got it and it works well.
Asked for the best and received just that.
I was looking for a comfortable easy to use stylus which was multi tasking and accurate in use.
Having no other way of verifying the accuracy of this product I decided to purchase it in the hope of satisfaction.
No further words required, sufficient to say it done exactly what it said on the tin.
Thank you very much,I will be back for more.
A useful delight
It really is well put together, easy to use and is so handy. Especially when an unexpected call comes in on your mobile and you need a pen. It's right there. And as a stylus pen it beats others I have tried into a cocked hat. And small screws need tightening or loosening, no problem. A great buy.
Great product and timely receipt of order
Only the short review above
Love the Pen gave it to husband as a gift he loves it. I feel it is well made.
Does this work with the ZTE Blade V7 or am I being stupid if it works with all makes I'm just wondering as I downloaded an animation app for my phone and need something that works. An answer would be greatly appreciated thank you
Hi Jude,

Happy to confirm this will work fine with the ZTE Blade V7.
Sturdy Light-weight Pen
Attractive light-weight pen, well-machined with neat finishes. Feels comfortable in the hand. Discrete enough not to draw attention, but when you do show people they are impressed with the practical features. Soft stylus works fine on touch screens, and pen writes okay. Haven't yet had to use the screwdriver attachment which, if fully recessed, can feel a bit tight or slippery to pull out with your fingers if you need to swap the Phillips and flat tips around. Pleased with this quality purchase.
Very handy multi tool!
Purchased the Olixar multi tool,It has a Pen , Stylus for touch screens, Screwdrivers,
small Flat & Phillips heads a Ruler, metric & imperial & a Level in one unit.
Now lives with my mini Pad, a very useful tool.
Very good product
Since receiving the pen I have used it consistently and find it excellent quality. The pen has a fine writing quality and the gadgetry on it is extremely useful and compact.
Easy to replace
Great gadget
Handy little gadget , good talking point,looks good and writes nicely
Bought two pens for my daughter and myself. Great loved them so handy especially when travelling. Showed to my friend and grandsons who thought how convenient and useful. So just had to buy them one each.
Myself & Everyone Likes it.
I purchased one back in Aug 2015 and have no complaints at all. Myself and everyone who has used it during that time like the feel of the pen in the hand, how smoothly it writes and how compact the gadgets are, without detriment to the weight or feel. Others who have used it have gone ahead and purchased their own. There isn't any blotching or scraping. This batch, I have ordered for a reserve for myself and for Christmas gifts. Fully recommend without hesitation.
A problem with the refill
This pen is really great with all the gadgets it has inbuilt. The only thing which I find annoying is that the refill contained in the pen, after writing for a few minutes, begins to smudge. This is not good for the pen which is otherwise really good to use and looks great.
Simply brilliant
So far very pleased with this product
Item was as described
Item was as described. It arrived on time, well packed and undamaged.
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