Olixar inVent Gravity Auto-Grip Universal Smartphone Car Holder Arviot

Keep your phone close at hand and safely in view while driving with the Olixar inVent Gravity Smartphone Car Holder with one handed mounting & dismounting. Tight grip and ideal for most phones.
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Simple to use and does the job
Really pleased with this purchase... Does exactly what I required... Easy to attach to vent and very convenient
Amazing product
Useful tool
This igen was well describes prior to buying it
Great product
Seems xcellent although not yet used in anger
This phone holder feels well made and robust and is the easiest of its type I have ever used.
I particularly wanted a vent mount to assist in cooling the phone when using navigation apps. My phone gets quite hot using these and a screen mount makes things worse, particularly in conditions like the recent heatwave. Hopefully this holder will solve any overheating problems.
Good product
Very stable and flexible item. Also the phone is being cooled from the air vent.
fits neatly in the car
I just matched it with the phone we had just bought and it seemed perfect and was perfect
It's okay
The phone holder holds my phone securely but there is no resistance in the ball joint to allow me to reposition it so the phone points upwards slightly. That said it does what I need it to do even if not what I want it to.
Excellent Phone Holder
Very simple design, allows one handed entry/removal from grips. Good length grippers keep unit secure in air vent. Rattles a little when empty but a minor flaw in what is the best phone holder I’ve ever purchased.
A Good Holder
These are well made holders and very easy to insert/remove your phone, only problem I had was with the vent size. Providing your car has large enough vents for them to attach to you will have no problem but my car's vents are in small round apertures about 3" (7.5cm) diameter with an adjustment knob in the middle and although I have managed to fit the holders, they are not quite as secure as I would like..
Good product
The good thing about this is how easy it is to use the product. You literally just put it in the mount and it clamps round it. Simples. Can be done with one hand. Easy to remove just lift it out. Great if you have more that one phone to mount as it fits pretty much any phone. Best product of this type I have ever had.
Good Product
good product,would be excellent if phone was more tightly gripped
Great product
There was nothing I needed to know before buying the product, all the information was at hand.

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