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Olixar Neoprene Universal Smartphone Pouch Case - Black Arviot

Designed to provide shock and drop protection, the lightweight Olixar Neoprene case is perfect whilst your exercising or travelling. The included carabiner is great for portability and accessibility. Compatible with devices up to 6.8".
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Designed to provide shock and drop protection, the lightweight Olixar Neoprene case is perfect whilst your exercising or travelling. The included carabiner is great for portability and accessibility. Compatible with devices up to 6.8".
 4.4 stars from 65 Asiakkaat

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Great Product
The information given in the product description was adaquate
Nice neoprene pouch
Snug tight fit length wise for my Sony Xperia 1 mk2, but hopefully the velcro will last , could of done with slightly more length in the pouch . But it's still a smashing well made pouch from olixar , very pleased overall.
Good buy
Just what I needed to keep my new iPhone from getting scratched. Fast delivery too.
Just the type of case I have been looking for.
It is the perfect fit for my Nokia7.2 mobile, and the carabiner is great for security.
The price is right. The company is great to deal with.
Case is great but the clip is very week and broke after using it only twice
That the clip was strong
Decent, but too small
Decent quality but too short for LG Velvet, even though it should fit the dimensions listed on the site.
Nice case but
My Huawei Y6 fits very well but the cotton strap has given up and shredded itself. Need a stronger material for loop
Universal slip case
This is the second time I’ve bought this as I lost the first,
my iPhone 11 Pro slips easily in and out of the case which I generally just carry in a pocket. I also got one of these for my other half and she uses the loop and carabiner but has found the loop has frayed, otherwise I’d give it 5 stars
Good product for the price
Did what I wanted but the clip fell apart on the first day hence only four stars
A really great pouch for your phone. Feels a bit like wetsuit material actually. The velcro grip is really strong too.
A bit on the thin side
The size is good, not tight so an iPhone SE with a back case fits fine and is easy to slip and out. The pouch is a bit on the thin side IMO.
Fits around the phone well
Soft padded case, nice quality. Has a thick bar of velcro for a good seal.
Fits a Samsung S10+ with a heavy duty case (snug but not tight fit) and fits a Huawei P20 pro easily.
Love this
I think all the info was stated.
Ideal to protect your phone in a handbag or rucksack. Fits most sizes except really large. I had a failed delivery and mobile zap customer service was excellent - with Australian staff to assist. Recommended.
A must have
I love this as I'm all the time, putting my phone in my pants pocket, which is a no no. Very well padded as well.
Good protection but....
The pouch provides excellent protection. Evidence of this was that the phone was in the pouch and hanging from my belt. The loop that holds the carabina ripped and the phone fell to a concrete floor. Phone survived intact.

My Suggest is that the loop be better attached as I had only had it on for a couple of days.
Good protective case
Good protective case, well made. I bought it for my HUGE! Nokia 5.3 as I have found it difficult to find a dedicated case anywhere else. It only just fits because thankfully the case is stretchy. Would recommend.
All 3 pouches failed within weeks
As just a slim pouch this is fine, but we bought this particularly because it had a loop and carabiner for hanging from a belt loop etc. Unfortunately the connecting loop frayed and failed within weeks on both our original purchases and on the replacement sent.
Useful product.
When I first saw this product, I thought that it might be useful for my phone or GPS when playing golf. I was happy with it until the clip and strap detached from the pouch. Disappointed. But overall it is very useful.
Well made slimline lightweight soft but tough flexible phone pouch, just what I was looking for to protect the screen and camera lenses from keys, coins, etc, when the phone is in my pocket - or if I drop it. Unfortunately, for me, the pouch was too large for my Experia XZ2 Compact (so not 'Universal'), so I had it made to fit by my local clothes alteration shop. Now its perfect - I think the cost was worth it for the protection it gives an expensive phone.
very good pouch
neat smart and well designed pouch
Nice Case
This neoprene case is exactly what I was hoping for. Well made & fit my phone perfectly.
Would be even better if it had a belt loop.
Good but not perfect
that the cotton loop would not disintegrate on day 2
Only just big enough for OnePlus 8 Pro, hence 4 stars
The blurb said the pouch is suitable for screens up to 6.8. My OnePlus 8 Pro is 6.7 but it sticks up past the top by a couple of centimeters.. Fortunately I can just squeeze the phone down enough to close the velcro, so I will keep the pouch and see how we go. It's smart and well made and I hope it will be sufficiently protective.
Great phone protection
Fits most phones with or without a case on. Easy to use and great unit. Only issue is the loop hiding the carabiner is flimsy and wears through.
Not true to size!
I personally think it is a good pouch to put the phone in but the trouble is.... The Sony Xperia 1 does not fit in the pouch as the top does not close.... not so pleased.
Does the job.
Purchased for my wife who says it does the job,very happy with it.
Phone case
excellent product, value for money.
My s10 5g fits in it withoit fitted, at moment ive got a fully waterproof punk case which is bulky to fit olixar neoprene case, so I'm find a slim case which will be perfect for pouch case.
Would recommend
Great case
Good case for full protection of my new Nokia.
Excellent product
Perfect fit for my new smart phone
Quality Good Enough
Fits OK but any longer would be out of luck. Nothing remarkable about the padding but good enough. Easily lost a star because of the postage value proposition, which makes this rather expensive for what it is, IMO. Super website and some good products.
Great product
This is ideal to protect your phone when you work in dusty and dirty environment ????
Its a pouch
That fits my phone - it was bought as a back up pouch and has not yet been used.
my opinion
I like the product very much. It protects the phone if I drop it. I thought it could go around my neck. Do you have one for around the neck instead of the hand?
Good pouch
Easily fit my old Galaxy A6 in it and some extras. Looks good quality.
Good pouch
Plenty of room for my old A6, and bits and pieces. Looks good quality.
Nice quality but expensive.
This pouch-type case was specifically advertised as being suitable for my Huawei P Smart Z phone. To my annoyance the phone sticks up 10mm above the sleeve, into the fold-over flap area, which I did not expect. For the benefit of potential customers I would recommend that the maximum dimensions of your device, including any protective rear/sides cover, should not exceed 155mm high and 85mm wide, if you want your device to be no more than flush with the top of the main sleeve. If that does not worry you, the sensible maximum height could be 165mm, which is the height of my phone and thin rear cover
The quality of the cover is good, but I am not used to paying so much money for a simple neoprene sleeve.
Nice little case
Very useful and well made case for carrying your smart phone and gives it that extra bit of protection when travelling.
Great bit of kit
Suitable for my smartphone
Hangs off my belt even in the car.
A very good sleeve !!!!
This product is very good and protects your phone and I’m so happy that I bought it and I would recommend it to protect your smartphone too!!!!
Phone cover
The size of the item is too small. I have a good size phone, with which l use the cover, its left sticking out the top. I do have a case on the phone for added peace of mind.
Good pouch case.
I often listen via earpieces and the flap obscures the earpiece plug so cannot be closed properly.
What protection did it offer to your phone as I have dropped my phone a couple of times as it falls out from shallow pockets
Smartphone pouch
Excellent product phone fits in it snugly feels safe & secure.
I phone XR fits superbly
Lovely neoprene cover, soft to protect phone and either a wrist strap or Carabiner for belt or the likes. It is what they say it is.
Very useful!!
Very useful for my Samsung Galaxy S10 5G or my Samsung wireless battery pack.
Exactly as described. Fits my Huawei perfectly. Clips onto key ring or belt loop on jeans when walking the dog. Ideal.
Excellent,just what I was looking for
Something to stand up to everyday wear and tear.
Good simple, padded pouch case with velcro fastening.
Ample description of the product on the website provided me with the information I needed.
Just what I was looking for.
A very well put together cover for my phone. A MobileZap email alerted me to this product and I had been looking around for quite a while for something exactly like this. Excellent protection for my new phone.
Note 10+ Case- I think.not!
The advertisement said the case was for phones to to 6.8 inches. Unfortunately, the case is so tight it is difficult to remove the phone. I purchased 2 of these so it was a complete waste of money. Quality of the case is good.
Was using an old wetsuit arm cut down then seen these ,just what I needed .
Was using an old wetsuit arm cut down then seen these ,just what I needed .
Handy Pouch
just the thing ,keeps my phone safe and clean if out in the garden .
Nice protective pouch
A little too tight for Note 9 phone.
Excellent item
Good quality product
My disabled daughter bought a new phone and needed a pouch to keep it in which would lend itself to being attached to her wheelchair. This pouch purchased from yourselves meets the requirements perfectly .Very pleased with the purchase
A little extra protection!
Even with a case and screen protector, this pouch gives a little more protection whether you throw you phone in your bag or slide it in your pocket.
Useful protective case
The case is good for my Nokia 7.2 - it's a snug fit and only just tall enough, but does fit well. The clip at the side is only of marginal use because the phone then dangles around from whatever you attach it to which often isn't useful, eg I can't fix it to my belt like I could with a firmer clip. The only bad thing really is the velcro seal which is noisy compared to a magnetic clip, which can be a problem if I'm trying to open it quietly in order to turn the ringer off in a concert ;-)
Good fit
It is usable and practical. However it makes already idiotically large phone seem even larger.

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