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Reviews for Olixar Rainproof Nano Protection Film For Car Wing Mirrors – 2 Pack

Driving in the worst weather conditions can be dangerous, but thanks to the Olixar Rainproof Nano Protection Film for your car wing mirrors, now you can prevent a possible hazard due to fogged or rainy mirrors. It comes in a twin pack for extra protection
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Driving in the worst weather conditions can be dangerous, but thanks to the Olixar Rainproof Nano Protection Film for your car wing mirrors, now you can prevent a possible hazard due to fogged or rainy mirrors. It comes in a twin pack for extra protection
 4.7 stars from 29 Asiakkaat

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Great product
The product arrived on time and it was easy to apply and works well when it's raining.
Great safety product Reliable Company
Great safety product from a reliable Company.
I am a regular buyer
Door mirror wet protector
This is very easy to fit, comes with a stiff card to smooth out any air bubbles and really does deflect the rain from the mirror.
Very Good
Wish there could be one for the window, because even though the rain keeps off the wing mirrors it still forms droplets on the window which has to be kept up. So think about it. Make them for the window as well.
Excellent product
A excellent product and easy to install ,good instructions
I bought these for my daughter and she is very impressed and says they are amazing
Fantastic! Works as advertised (as long as you wipe it down once in a while)
Works as advertised as long as you wipe it off once every few days. Possibly due to minute dust/dirt particles building up on the surface, it doesn't work sometimes, but a quick wipe once in a few days and it does it's job well. I'd give it 5 stars if you didn't need to do this.
Very easy to fit, already noticed the difference during wet weather, reasonable price and in the short time I have used them I would definitely recommend them.
Door mirror wet protector
These really do work, I was a bit sceptical that they wouldn't keep the door mirrors clear of water, but they do, very pleased with my purchase.
Appear well made.
Item looks good but not fitted as yet as unsure as to how the protective film will react on heated door mirrors, something I maybe should have asked before purchasing.
Very useful
Great ,mirror must be cleaned well before applying
Anti fog film
There is a noticeable improvement once these films are applied to the car mirrors; keeping them clean and safer is now much easier.
Great help
Perfect product to aid reversing as my car has a restricted rear view. Prompt delivery and came with comprehensive instructions for installation.
Clearly the best!
I have tried cheaper products to no satisfaction. This one stays on the glass.
Nice product
its really useful in rainy season
Having purchased this item it is really simple to fit having paid attention to the explicit instructions that are given.
A very worthwhile purchase.
Does what it says on the tin !
So glad I purchased these. We had snow recently and when I went out to the car, my mirrors were completely clear where I had applied the films.
So safe for driving in the bad weather .
Follow the fitting directions to the letter and there are no bubbles of creases on them.
Excellent product !
Olivar Nano Film for Car Mirrors
Car model I bought unfortunately doesn't have heated mirrors. This product works. Keeps mirrors clear of fog and rain drops. No need any more to clear them off before driving on cold wet mornings.
Yeah baby!
Bought two sets of the item for my two cars. Application was easy. Generally does what it claims to be able to do. On some days there are water droplets on the film.
Very happy
This was a chance purchase and I got the first opportunity to test them today as it is raining and very gloomy. I was able to reverse into the garage with no difficulty at all as I could see where I was going (always a good thing). There is so much to avoid when reversing in but I could see exactly what I needed to avoid. I would recommend these without hesitation
Not bad
Easy to put on but could not get all the bubbles out from underneath
Very good
I wasn't expecting them to work but they really do. Very handy.
Surprised with what a clear view
Excellent addition for clear wing mirrors
These are very easy to fit and work very well , exactly as the illustration.
Not worth the money
The illustration of the patch on the wing mirror is nowhere near the actualite.. The patch is a murky blue and had condensation sticking to it after a cold night parked in the open.
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