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Reviews for Olixar Sony Xperia 1 II Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - Black

This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the Sony Xperia 1 II from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the Sony Xperia 1 II from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 4.3 stars from 25 Asiakkaat

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good price excellent producct
product as described and for half price off rrp price
Very pleased
The protector is of very good quality and quick and easy to fit. I left the case in place as I found the surround acted as a guide to assist with fitting the corners and dropping the protector in place after cleaning the phone screen. Would definitely purchase again.
Best glass screen protector I've used for the 1 ii
The best glass protector I've used, but it does break flush black finish as the glass extends beyond the screen
Strong & Durable Glass
A very good protector for the Sony Xperia 1ii smartphone. It layers nicely on the Xperia Screen, though is recommended to align the front sight camera and power led while laying it on the screen surface to avoid unecessary installation woes.

The touch controls work well and it even adds a little gloss to the screen while watching movies, surfing the web, reading an article or playing a video game. Highly recommend this product for those who wish to protect the integrity of their Xperia Screen :)
Not before aware that there were such rtlhings as an anti-glare screen for my mobile, I ordered to be able to actually see my screen in this bright sunlight,July 2021, I' 'd have preferred to know there are also different grades of anti-glare.
My local trusty phone shop put me wisr, but there view obviously might be cririced.
Whatever, I am HAPPY in having an anti-glare screen.
Broke the first time I dropped my phone...
But I guess that's what it's there for , to break and not your screen... I don't know I guess I expected it to last a few drops considering its tempered glass, £10 price tag and fancy packaging. Did its job and protected my screen though so I dont know , good review I suppose haha
Great product
Glass Screen protector , easy to fit instructions and Easy to fit! Cant see the screen protector once fitted and works well
Good cover
Good cover
Great quality
Product is great quality and was packaged well. Fit in the screen is virtually perfect
Great product, easy install good coverage.
There's a slight rainbow bubble in the middle, but this sort of this is common with tempered glass screen protectors. It's hard to notice unless I'm staring at black or the light hits it at a certain angle.

The black frame covers a small bit left and right of the main screen, making it slightly narrower. However the top and bottom coverage are perfect, fits a spigen clear case with no lifting.

Overall great quality, but I wish it was all clear to avoid the screen covering.
Best Xperia 1 ii screen protector out there
Definitely the best one out there now after trying 4 other types. Purchased a second one as I plan to use this phone for a while.

- Works with protective cases.
- Screen is coated with something to resemble the touch feel of phone screens unlike cheaper alternatives.
- Fingers glide across the screen, fingerprints are not obvious.
- Size is spot on, aligns well with case edges, thin enough to still remain below case lips.
- Appears and feels like there is no screen protector.

- Claims to be 2.5D edge, but I'd say not. Better than others by not being a sharp edge, but it'd be a push to call it a rounded edge.
- Would probably peel off without a case. Edges appear easy to lift.
- Difficult to place exactly aligned with the camera cutout. Even a slight misalignment will cause vignetting on the inward facing camera.
- Even when aligned exactly, the black frame is slightly obscuring the screen edges. Not enough to stop using it though, and you get used to it.
- Screen has an even pattern of microdots, but this can only be seen under direct sunlight with the screen off. Seems like a common way to build these in the higher end products.
- Not sure about the adhesive strength. I initially applied it misaligned, but decided to live with it. After 2 weeks I noticed it had shifted a little. Instead of peeling it off, I forcefully moved it back into place, this time perfectly aligned. Seems to be holding in place perfectly since, but wondered why it shifted in the first place.

After 1 month it has already endured 1 drop (with a case on as well) and the protector has no scratches yet after daily use. Despite what turns out to be a rather long list of cons, I think it is still the best one out there. Worth the price, and enough to go back and buy another one before they become hard to come by in the future.
Over priced
Item is well fitting. Better than others I've tried but the item is well over priced.
Waste of money
Rubbish product doesn't even stick on the screen and moves around on the screen you can't type properly when its on your phone screen its too thick.
I would not recommend this product.
Thank goodness for Olixar
My screen was hit by a gate and the glass shattered. When I removed the protector my phone's screen was still intact. Would recommend.
Great screen protecror
Nice, solid screen protector.
Easy to install, good quality, covers the whole screen and fits well.
I would recommend but I think it's very overpriced for what it is.
this screen protector is worth every dollar
i actually ordered the wrong screen protector when i initially ordered. pay very close attention Sony Xperia 1 owners. i bought the Olixar Sony Xperia 1 (II) screen protector by mistake and didn't realize it until i attempted to place the protector on my phone.

the screen protector is very solid and was extremely easy to install. once it's on the screen, it is really on there.
Screen protector
Nice screen protector but flawed
Really nice strong and scratch resistant. Shiny and smooth surface that doesn't get finger prints easy. However there is one flaw, the black strip on the side cuts off the screen slightly.
Olixar glass screen protector
I have used Olixar cases and glass screen protector for years and have always trusted this brand. I received and installed my screen protector with ease and noticed that this does not affect the sensitivity and will purchase again.
Very easy application, works quite well
It is very easy to apply and it fits perfectly on the phone. The cutout holes for the front camera, speakers, and led notification fit perfectly too. The only very very minor complaint is the black edges on the sides, which cut out the screen display on the sides a tiny little bit. Most people won't notice it though.
Doesn't Fit the whole screen
This screen protector would be perfect if it didn't cover a portion of your display from both sides left and right of the screen. Just making the screen smaller than it is. If you are planning on using the Sony Style Cover View the official case then it won't close properly. A screen protector that it is which does its job but why would you want your screen a little smaller just because the screen protector isn't measured to fit the screen size officially.
An excellent screen protector
Having struggled with plastic film protectors for several years, I though I would invest in a glass screen protector for my new phone. It was very easy to put on, with none of the problems of air bubbles etc. It costs a bit more than a normal screen protector but is well worth it. It has a very smooth feel, and is easy to clean as well.
Brilliant screen protector
This is the fact it fits right to the edge...doesn't even look like I have one on.


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