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Reviews for Olixar Tactical EDC Multipurpose Universal Travel Bag with Phone Pouch, Shoulder Strap & Belt Clip

Carry your phone, keys, cards, snacks & more securely while you're exercising with the belt bag with shoulder strap & belt clip for easy wear. Perfect for all adventures & travels be able to fit every essential in one easy to carry bag with Olixar
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Carry your phone, keys, cards, snacks & more securely while you're exercising with the belt bag with shoulder strap & belt clip for easy wear. Perfect for all adventures & travels be able to fit every essential in one easy to carry bag with Olixar
 4.5 stars from 28 Asiakkaat

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Ideal purchase
This pouch is just the thing I needed when using my wheelchair. I can hold it in place using the seat belt and my phone, wallet and pen are readily accessible.
Very Useful
Well made and sturdy. Easy to access. A good size, plenty of room for a good selection of travel accessories. Interior could be made of softer material, particulary if you carry your phone in any of the compartments, outside material is possibly overly robust but does feel as it will last. Clips and zips work well. Handy for shoulder or belt carry. Is as described. Are there other colours? Good for days out and holidays. Would buy again.
A nice and useful Bag.
A useful and well manufactured addenda as a travelling companion.
Travel Bag
They are ideal size to use if you want to carry light, I bought them as presents for family and friends who don't carry much when they are out and about the bags are ideal to wear it under a jacket or fleece
Quality long lasting durable
Perfect for my needs
As a wheelchair user I've found it very difficult to find a small easy to carry bag/pouch that I can fit in all my EDC items.

Radar key
EDC cloth

And most importantly a bag big enough to store my Galaxy s10 lite with a case.

Well this does the trick with space to spare.

I hang the strap around my neck and shorten yo required length.

Perfect. Highly recommend
Nice little edc bag
I like to use this when I don't use my backpack
Not what I was expecting
I was looking forward to using this item, however my phone did not fit in pocket it was meant to go in and the strap was to short.
Best travel bag I have had.
This a replacement for a similar sized travel bag, but this is better. More compartments, especially one with easy access to a phone. Can be carried on either your belt or shoulder strap.
Great little bag
Excellent but small pouch/bag. Holds my wallet and some other cards, pen, keys and (if I want) my phone. All in a package that's no bigger than it needs to be. I've taken to wearing it with the strap as a "cross-body bag". There are straps that you can unclip to put over a belt without taking it out, although the bag's a bit large to hang off a belt.
Great little handy
Very handy little bag that helps me organise my things without need of using my pockets all the time. Does the job perfectly. Smaller compartments could be fitted with Velcro for better security but overall it's not a big issue.
Looking for the most useful bag.
Does the bag have a slot for mobile phone?
How many pockets does the bag have?
Does the bag have a zip for closure?
Does the bag have a shoulder strap?
First class product
Does what I need . Has loads of storage pockets
Bought for sightseeing and cycling
Seems to be what I need, so I’m looking forward to trying it out this summer.
Ideal for my requirements
Needed a small bag for smart phone, wallet, notepad, pen, etc. It is just big enough for that purpose, but any bigger would have been too bulky to carry. It seems well-made and robust so should last reasonably well.
The case is well designed and compact ,can get my phone and small purse in easily,
A gift for travellers
I am hoping that these travel bags live up to their glowing reviews.! I have ordered several as gifts fir travelling members of my family for next Christmas so cannot connect further.
Really good small bag for phone, keys and wallet. Max 6.5" size phone is about right. Don't expect to get a larger one in. Very happy with it.
A sturdy little gadget bag for when you need free hands, but only have a small amounts of bibs and bobs to carry with you. Little pockets help you sort stuff. Strong accurate stitching.
Very flexible, lots of different storage options
Height and width are great for my Samsung A52, but with all the pockets, the bag is a little bulky. It's still a very useful bag, though.
i like the shape of bag.
At the mormet i did not recieved yet he above order.
But' i would like state that the bag is looking very usefull
in light of it size.
Too small
Section for mobile phone is too tight for my mobile in a case, what i wanted but not as i expected
Good Product
I felt I knew exactly what it was before I ordered it and wasn’t disappointed
Handy bag but not sure how much I will use it
I can’t get my iPhone 12 mini into the designated place whilst it has its protective shell on, would prefer to be able to keep this protection on.
Better than using your pockets!
More comfortable with carrying things in this than pockets.! Easier access while sitting. Bought this for my husband since he has trouble carrying stuff in his pockets. Phone, change, badges, etc. Now he's not sitting on them.
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