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Reviews for Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector - For Google Pixel 6 Pro

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Google Pixel 6 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility & sensitivity all in one package. Keep your phone screen safe from unnecessary scratches and cracks with the Olixar screen protector!
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Google Pixel 6 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility & sensitivity all in one package. Keep your phone screen safe from unnecessary scratches and cracks with the Olixar screen protector!
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100% recommend
Made up with the quality of this screen protector.. I bought one from Amazon first and it was completely out on dimensions and found this site and so glad I did. I will be buying more from here. Easy to put on.
Does not fit
It stops the screen from detecting when your finger touches different areas of the screen.
Great glass protection
Great protection for the pixel pro and doesn't affect finger print scanner
Fingerprint works but fingerprint area very visible
I saw a number of reviews saying the fingerprint sensor wouldn't work, but it works fine for me. Setup fingerprints before applying.

My main issue is that, in order for the fingerprint reader to work, they have made part of the protector thinner to allow it. This means you have a very visible circle in the middle of the bottom half of the screen.

I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it's not great.
Great protector for the price
I got this not expecting the fingerprint to work but looks like they have fixed the issue, the fingerprint works albeit with several attempts at times. Just not happy with the huge rainbow effect in middle of the screen that was there for first few days but now has mostly disappeared. If you're not trying to spend $50 on a protector or don't want to take chances with the adhesive types then this is so far the best option!
Don't buy
With this protector it virtually prohibits the figure print security sensor from working.
I could only get it to work very occasionally even with maximum sensitivity settings turned on.
Not impressed
Very easy to fit.clean everything perfectly no dust etc
Fit cover ....all good .next day I have already little bits of dirt etc under the screen.had other protectors that u apply with liquid an they really seal the screen area so no staff comes in.
Almost perfect
I really love this case but it popped off after only having it for a week. It fits really well, the finger print detector still works, it's easy to apply, but it doesn't stay. I signed up to return it and they gave me a replacement pretty quickly which was great. But the next one didn't even last a week before it popped off. I applied it correctly and even had my husband do one as well and it still didn't stick. It might just be me though, I do handle my phone a bit rough and drop it a bit frequently, but I've never had a glass case pop off before like this one.
Good product
Effective, good fit
It's a good product
It's a good product good quality but the finger print section on the screen protector doesn't work to great that's the only issue other than that it's awesome
The ONLY Tempered Glass Screen Protector to Buy
I always protect my cell phone with a tempered glass screen protector. I had a hard time finding one that fit my Google Pixel 6 Pro when it first came out. I bought the Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector during the phones release, but the unit received wouldn't work with the finger print scanner. Well, I managed to break the screen protector (but phone glass was untouched) and purchased another Olixar. To my surprise they revised the protector with a provision for the finger print scanner. With this improvement, I don't see me every buying anything other than an Olixar.
Perfect to protect the 6pro. the first one I got, was just a full glass sheet so the fingerprint reader would not work, but the new improved has a thinner circle over the reader making it available to scan
Perfect in everything except fingerprint sensor does not work
This would be the perfect screen protector, except that the fingerprint sensor will stop working.
I installed the latest pixel patch as of 12/16, set sensitivity to high, registered again the same fingerprints several times with no problems, but then again it will never work.
Not perfect
Bought this knowing the fingerprint scanner might not work with this doesnt. Apart from that it does what it says on the tin, fits the screen ok, seems to be pretty good quality. Although the first one i recieved had a bloody great smudge totally obscuring the thinning part that is designed to let the fingerprint scanner work through it, the customer service rep did send me another one to compensate. Have been using for about 3 weeks now and there seems to be bits of dust/dirt accumulating under the protector which definitely were not there on installation, which isnt great, so defo not a 5 star product, but for the price, its ok.
Fingerprint doesn't work
Good screen, but no good if you use the fingerprint sensor. Removed after 2 days.
Hardly works
Screen protector material is great, very sturdy & fit the phone perfectly however I would be careful when buying this as this stopped my fingerprint scanner from working after applying.

If you plan on using the fingerprint scanner this does not work with it at all despite all the "fixes" they recommended. They suggested switching on the extra sensitivity mode in the phone's settings & also re-scanning fingerprints. This did not work & the fingerprint scanner continued to not work.
Does the job, but with one critical failure
Easy to fit and does the job, but the under screen fingerprint scanner doesn't work once it is fitted.
Great screen protector
Really great screen protector it covers the whole face really nicely, but the only downside is the finger sensor, it doesn't recognize although I followed what MobileFun suggested.. You can still use pin code if that don't bother you.
Good fit, easy application, FP sensor unusable though.
Was very quick to arrive, easy to fit, no risk of bubbles (edge adhesive only) but do be aware, the under screen fingerprint sensor will no longer work whilst the screen protector is on. This I believe is common to all screen protectors of this type though, so no major complaint.
Great protection
Protection of the product is great, but if you plan to continue using the in screen finger scanner then do not get this product as it will not allow you too. Apart from that issue can't fault it from protecting my screen just annoying that you loss a major function by adding protection, I just wish Google had left the scanner on the back of my phone like the pixel xl2
Great quality but unfortunately the fingerprint recognition does not work
Mobilefun is a great company to work with, the screen protector was amazing quality. Unfortunately it did not work with the fingerprint sensor but mobilefun was amazing. With that purchase and refund system had no problems getting a secondary one and then when that did not work they refunded me which was nice to know that you are dealing with a professional company
Don't buy if you want to use the fingerprint sensor
Really good product, however I am going to have to remove it as the fingerprint sensor does not work through it. Even with settings on high sensitivity.
This does not work with the fingerprint sensor!
I bought this based on the Mobilefun answers in the Q/A's. What a waste of £20. Deleted my existing fingerprints, increased touch sensitivity and added four new prints. Sensor doesn't register any of them. Joke.
Does NOT work with the fingerprint scanner!
Multiple questions asked if this works with the fingerprint scanner, and multiple times customers get a "Yes"

I can confirm this has rendered my fingerprint scanner useless. so far since installing I have had a 0%... yes 0% success rate with the fingerprint scanner.

This is after re-registering the prints, adding 2-3 for my thumb and turning screen sensitivity up.

It does not work.

Now, to be fair to them, it is a good quality product, it fits well, covers the curved screen and I saw practically no change in clarity.

But losing the scanner is just a no-go for me, I use biometrics for most things.
Does not work with fingerprint scanner
Looks like a decent screen protector, but does not work with the fingerprint sensor as suggested in their Q&A response.

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