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Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case - Marine Blue Arviot

As seen on EverythingApplePro! Prepare your iPhone X for the great outdoors with the rugged X-Ranger case in Blue. With a handy kickstand and a secure compartment for the included multi-tool - or the card of your choice - you'll be ready for anything.

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Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case
Waited for some time and item well I received.
Checked the package and look good.
Can't wait to try out soon.
thumbs up from me
It was as exactly as described in the review .
just what i wanted ,thanks
Amazing value for the money
This is by far the most practical phone case I have ever owned. The integrated stand is just the correct angle for movie viewing movies / face timing. The case is actually two shells, one soft, one hard, which protect the phone thoroughly. last but not least, the multi-tool is simply amazing, it's really like having a Swiss knife with you phone, it is made of steel and will open bottle, saw small items, open letter and unscrew anything in its size range!

When I change phone I am getting the same case for it!
Good quality, nice products
So usefull! I only got it for the bottle opener but use it loads now! Recommended to all my friends
Excellent case
Really good case and the militia tool is very good. The stand is really handy although it does rattle a bit. One thing to remember is to take the tool out before you fly.....
A nice protective case with a feminine touch. Usually very manly! Discreet card holder
Nice looking case. Please with it.
Bought this item for my grandson and he thought it was brilliant
Quality product with excellent features
Excellent sturdy case, relatively slim with a fantastic little tool housed within for any eventuality.
Perfect Man Case
Bought the case as a gadget to protect my new X. Have tested the case to the max as I dropped it (and my phone) and can happily say the case protected my phone fully. Have also used the multi tool to open a few bottles, parcels and even used the spanner
Love it
I received the defective piece the Kick stand is not strong and when you hold the case with phone we get some stand noise shaking. Hence returning the product.
I received the defective piece the Kick stand is not strong and when you hold the case with phone we get some stand noise shaking. Hence returning the product.
Great idea but...
Great idea. 3 possible improvements:
Kickback stand is flimsy when open. Could easily be damaged or torn off.
In portrait view phone is vertical. Impractical. An angle would be better.
On opening kickback stand multitool can slide out. With credit card not a good idea! Needs to be secured inside holder.
Does not work with wireless charger.
Great case
Durable and not bulky. Gives the phone a nice grip. Love the faces of people when I pull out a bottle opener out my case. highly recommend
Tactically survivalist
This case gives you the grip that never glitches from your palm. It feels solid in your palms and gives your iPhone a more dense existence. You feel extremely safe holding your iPhone with this case. I have yet to use and explore the multi tool. I hope there will be a simple guide for users concerning the 36 ways to use the multi tool. This case fits a screen protector as well so you will not need to worry about looking for a perfect fit of tempered glass protector. It fits a 9H tempered glass.
Great case
This case is nice and it’s not to bulky. One of the better cases I have for my phone.
Great case perfect fit , has good grip so it doesn’t slip of your hands. Very nice smooth design . Also comes with a kickstand and multi-tool witch is great. I use it all the time very handy. Highly recommend worth the money.
Top quality
Really impressed with the case. I have dropped my new phone a couple of times but no issues. The stand comes in really handy for watching videos and the tool compartment is good fun. Would highly recommend this case

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