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SoundMAGIC E10C In-Ear Headphones with Hands-Free - Gunmetal Arviot

Enjoy your music in crystal clarity with a strikingly balanced sound with the SoundMAGIC E10C In-Ear Headphones with Hands-Free Calling in Gunmetal. Built to last with its all metal earphone construction, powerful bass and a comfortable fit.
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Great product, quick delivery and top notch communication
I ordered the default delivery of 7-15 days and it came in about eight or nine business days. The package was packed nicely, contents kept safe.

The earphones themselves are amazing.
Excellent affordable earphones
I previously owned a pair of SoundMagic E10s and really liked the quality of the sound and the build so when I needed to replace them, I was keen to try out the latest model E10c. They have consistently been rated very strongly and for the price, they are excellent. The design is light, tangle-free and looks high end while the sound quality is very good particularly the bass, mids and overall richness though sometimes I'd like a little more treble. I'd strongly recommend for anyone looking for earphones under $100.
It was good to see them on MobileZap and they were delivered within the 2 week period advertised.
Disappointment in sound and fit
The sound is not nearly as clean as many reviews claims; I'd say the sound quality is fine. It costs more than the Sennheiser CX 1.00's and their sound quality is much better, not to mention the fit. Not sure what they were thinking when designing these earbuds, they are fairly long compared to others and have really sharp metal bits towards the rear of the buds, cutting into your ear when wearing for extended times. The in ear fit is also sub standard and uncomfortable compared to most other earbuds.
I would return these if I could.
Best bang for you buck purchase
Great depth of sound, surprisingly powerful bass that is not overwhelming but omnipresent throughout. Clear high with good balance between both ears.
I have tried many brands of earphones throughout my life and these are undoubtedly the best in terms of value and sound quality, however the build is not as strong as I would have liked but for the price it is decent.
If you are on the fence about purchasing these, I suggest you hop on over and make the purchase.

Overall: Warm, deep and powerful sound
sounds good
but it doesn't stay on the ear. came out easily.
Excellent value for the money!
I am very impressed with these earphones. I can hear sounds that I've never heard before on familiar songs. Huge soundstage that envelopes you with sound. Thanks MobileZap.
Great bang for buck
Very pleased with these SoundMagic canalphones. They work great with my Android phone with good quality sound and a quality microphone.
For music, they pack a lot more depth than I was expecting with a nice, warm sound without over-emphasising bass.
The overall package is unexpectedly nice with a good quality case and plenty of accessories.
I definitely feel that for the price they live up to the hype and reputation they have on various review sites.
Exceptional sound quality
Have tried lots of in ear headphones and nothing comes close to these SoundMagic E10C headphones. The sound quality is outstanding and is something you would normally expect from headphones six times the price. I'm a bit of a bass head and these have just the right level of bass without any distortion whatsoever. Crystal clear sound quality where I'm hearing instruments/background noises on mp3 tracks I've never heard before. Highly recommend these headphones and will stick only with SoundMagic for future purchases.
soundmagic e10c sound quality is very good
Must say what a service delivery excellent. soundmagic e10c sound quality is very good. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable in ear headphone.
Great sound and value
For the price, the headphones give great sound. They don't quite have a premium feel but it's premium sound. Recommend them. Delivered overseas fast and easy
Great sound and value
For the price, the headphones give great sound. They don't quite have a premium feel but it's premium sound. Recommend them. Delivered overseas fast and easy
Quality sound
I wanted some nice sounding ear buds without having to spend a lot of money. I researched a bit and decided on the e10c model. I am extremely satisfied with these headphones in every way. They have great sound for the price and come with a ton of accessories, including many different ear buds so you get the right fit. Mobilefun's price was better than anywhere and shipping (even overseas) was super affordable and pretty fast. I would recommend this product to anyone considering making a purchase. This was my 1st purchase from mobilefun and I will be back the next time I need any accessory for my phone. It was an all around great online shopping experience.
Great budget headphone
At first I was skeptical about the delivery time as it is coming from UK, but it arrived within the time frame that was advertised (took 7 business days to reach Perth) and I am very happy with that. Headphone wise, it is very well built and works as described. Will definitely buy from MobileZap again :)
Nice sound, solid build
Fantastic sound and build quality for the price. The inline controls work great and the accessories in the pack are handy to have. Only down side is the case, it is quite a sturdy case and it's a decent size however, there's nothing to wrap the cables around so you just kind of stash the earphones in as best you can. Kind of defeats the purpose of a case if they're just going to twisted around in there. Other than that, they're a quality set of earphones that I would recommend to anyone looking for great sound without breaking the bank.
Fast delivery. Very happy.
This was a product I couldn't source at local stores. The price was sharp and delivery was faster than I expected. Can't fault the service.
Great sound
I bought these to replace an original set of standard issue Samsung S4 headphones.
Really comfortable fit.
Great sound for the price.
Good bass response.
Solid build.
Volume controls on the left side work well.

The manufacturers have placed the select button (eg. Fast forward) between the volume buttons and it's a bit hard to distinguish which your pressing by feel alone. It would have been better if they had seperated the two.
Two presses on the middle button doesn't fast forward, and three presses doesnt rewind despite my original headphones doing this correctly. Maybe it's because my phone is old?

Still, don't be put off the sound quality and comfort makes up for the minor issues.
Very pleased
Product is as it was describe on the website. placed my order on the weekend and it arrived with in a week. Which was a lot earlier than the said time.
I am happy with my earphones.
awesome experience!
Great product and hassle-free transaction and delivery! Highly recommend it.
Good quality sound
I was looking for affordable extra pair of in-ear headphones that I can carry around without fear of loosing them. Sound quality is surprisingly good, clear, with deep bass. So is the build quality, except perhaps for the ios/android switch. Hopefully angled 3.5 mm jack will prevent wire from being bent and destroyed, my usual problem with standard jacks.
Good quality sound
I was looking for affordable extra pair of in-ear headphones that I can carry around. Sound quality is surprisingly good, with deep bass. So is the build quality, except perhaps for the ios/android switch. Angled 3.5 mm jack
Amazing quality at this price
I purchased these in ear headphones based on reviews, because I got a new Samsung GS7 and my old headphones showed distortion on the new phone. With the old headphones I found I had to turn up the volume very high to get a good listening level.

The SoundMagic E10S definitely live up to the hype. The all metal construction looks and feels amazing.

But what really matters is the sound, and these headphones really deliver. They respond with plenty of volume without driving the level on the phone too hard, and the quality is really amazing, exceptionally clear, detailed and even frequency response. I've been listening to music in FLAC format on the phone and the sound staging and detail is on par with far more expensive headphones.

Very highly recommended, and the price at MobileZap is hard to beat.
Highly recommended
Great ear phones, they've won lots of awards and it's obvious why. They're sturdy, have a nice case and a wonderful sound.
Really good delivery time, good communication from mobile fun made this an excellent experience
These simply cannot be bettered for the price for sound & build quality
If you are after a par of quality in the ear headphones for your smart phone look no further than Soundmagic's E10s headphones. These simply cannot be bettered for the price for sound & build quality. Just look at the What hifi review to find out how good they really are.

They really make listening to your favourite music even better.
very nice headphone
very nice headphone
Soundmagic e10s
After quick review reading from what hifi website etc it was pretty obvious that these e10s were on my to get list for my new iphone 6 - it took me several weeks to lock down mine choosing firstly to pick good second hand ones from elsewhere But to be honest some were not as cheap as brand new from mobilefun...After receiving within two days with cheapest post option, After fitting the correct size rubber grommets I was listening to my favourite tunes within no time. At first I noticed how natural the sound was, it's truly unreal how music can be produced with a quality that makes you pay attention to the fullness of sound from your favourite pieces. Only downside is the small cable control no adjusting volume and cable itself is springy which takes a bit of pushing back into its case. I gave this product 4 out of 5, because of the inline control and cable type it would have been a 5 out of 5 as sound produced is truly fantastic and a steal at the price I paid

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