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Spigen Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount - Black Arviot

Mount your smartphone easily on your car's vents via the power of magnets with the Spigen Magnetic Air Vent Mount. This universal magnetic car mount even works with your case, allowing you to keep your phone protected while you drive.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56824
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Rubbish. A disgrace to the Spigen brand name!
I swear by Spigen's cases, but this item is absolutely useless.

Tried with a S8+ and an S7 Edge, both slide right off. The previous no-name version I had of these magnetic car mounts worked for a year and a half with the S7 Edge with no issue. Avoid.
Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear about your problems with this vent mount, Do you have a case attached to your phone? If so do you have the magnetic plate positioned inside the case or on the outside? If the magnetic plate is on the inside of the case this can affect the strength of the magnets. Please try the steel plate in other positions and if you have anymore problems please contact our customer services.
Magnetic benefit!!
The unit is sturdy and feels comfortable. Providing the car vent design, it is a great item to help good access to a phone within easy reach. If the car vent is too small, it is difficult to use effectively.
As usual good service for Mobile Fun is terms of ordering and delivery
Great bit of kit
This magnetic mount is first class. I have an iPhone 6 within a leather case full of various cards, the strong magnet holds the phone instantly and it never moves which is great for hands free and using as sat nav
Does not hold i phone 6
I bought this magnetic mount for my I phone 6 and my I phone 6 is too heavy for the mount. It falls off every time I go over a bump. It does not hold it.
Hi Kris

That is strange as these are very strong. Do you have a case attached? Where do you have the steel plate positioned within the case or outside? Please try the steel plate in other positions and let us know if you have any further problems.
Best magnetic holder ever
Before i bought this i owned tetrax magnetic holder but its too tiny so it harder to mount the phone without watching. And it has realy anoying button that doesnt alow any phone cover after you stick it on your phone.
This spigen is big and strong and you dont even need to stick magnetic pad on your phone. Realy beast magnetic holder ever.
Good holder
Great holder use it with my sony z5 holds it no problem, never falls off even with speedbumps etc.
The vent mount is good and tight too some others are flimsy and slip off the vent, magnet is very strong can hold the z5 horizontal or vertical. Plate for phone is very slim don't even notice it with cover on(useing slim rubber bumpcase)

will order another for 2nd car

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