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The Ultimate iPhone 6 lisävarustepakkaus Arviot

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Ultimate iPhone 6 autoilijan lisävarustepakkaus sisältää kaikki tärkeimmät tarvikkeet iPhone 6:lle, kuten suojakotelon, autotelineen, autolaturin, näytönsuojia ja kaksi pöytätelinettä.
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 4.4 stars from 18 Asiakkaat

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Good value, but cover failed to protect the phone.
Overall I feel the kit was good value for money, unfortunately the actual phone case does not wrap around the edges of the glass screen, and unfortunately for me, my new phone was dropped and cracked on the screen after a day! So it did not ultimately do what it was supposed to, which was protect the phone.
Very nice box of tricks
Great box of accessories. All really useful except the car mounting device which doesn't actually stick to any surface in my car. This was a shame as was the main reason for buying. The other bits made up for it though especially the mini stand which I now can't live without.
Great pack great price
I wasn't interested in whole pack however wanted a stand for my iPhone. I've used every item from pack. It's great. It was discounted when I purchased it and what I got for my money was well worth it.
Wish I had purchased two.
Fantastic product
Do not usually leave reviews on anything but I thought this product was brilliant for my dad. He usually doesn't like anything, but the fact he can charge his phone in his car and watch TV at home with the stand means that he is always using it and I am so happy I have found something he actually uses! Service was brilliant product arrived promptly in perfect condition. Not tried the case and screen protector but everything opened so far is spot on. Thanks mobile fun! Will be buying more in the future x
Fantastic products
Bought this to use mainly in my car as I travel a lot.
I Have used all the products and they Are excellent quality and would recommend them to any one
Very good value
Very good quality products and worth every penny when you think some phone cases can be same price on their own and I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family a very good buy
Everything in one box!
This pack contains all you need for your phone and is better value than buying everything separately. Delivery was quick and would but again from mobile fun.
Value for money
This bundle worths every penny you pay. The only problem is the case is too thin and not so protective for your iphone. If you need a bigger case it is better to buy another one. But the whole bundle worths the money you pay.
A great value kit for the iPhone 6
Very useful items to use the iPhone or keep it by you in home, car and work situations.
Great value and good quality items
Quality product set and worth the wait. Very good value for money
Iphone 6
I thought it was a good deal for what I recieved although it could have more variety as it was mostly for cars with the car charger and the things to go on the car windscreen. So people without cares can't really buy the item!
Great price for accessory bundle
I was originally looking for a cheap case for my new iPhone and came across this bundle and thought it was too good to be true. The delivery was very quick and it arrived before my holiday so I was happy I wouldn't damage my phone whilst intoxicated abroad! The in car mount works well and was easily fitted to my dashboard. The case is good and fits tightly to the device and ask does not hide any of the phones beauty. I have the additional stand on my desk at work so I can see any important emails flash up. The stylus is a little bit pants but I never use them anyway. The charger works fine and there is an additional USB port included. The screen protectors do as they say and should last quite a while. All in all a very good product at an amazing price.
Good quality, at a sensible price
Getting a new device is always fun - particularly when it's a new form factor, as was the case with the iPhone 6. Not only is there the excitement of a new device - there's the new accessories too!

Of course, the downside can be the cost of getting those new accessories - a case, screen protector, a car mount capable taking the larger device etc ... the cost soon mounts up. So I was really pleased to see Mobile Fun offer an accessory pack, which includes all the essentials and more!

The quality of each individual item is good, though you can likely find better examples of each item in the pack, but you'll also pay 3 times as much and there probably won't be a proportionate benefit.

The car mount is a compact unit, that has worked well for me for the last week I've been using it. Coupled with the in-car charger, it will help ensure you can maintain visibility of the screen & power for navigation.

The case is very simple and doesn't add too much bulk, nor spoil the aesthetics of the device.

The screen protectors do their job and desk holder and portable stand/stylus are a nice bonus.

The items probably won't last forever, but as a starter kit for a new device, it can't be beaten for the price

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