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Reviews for Zizo Nano Universal Liquid Screen Cleaner & Protector

Making use of hi-tech nano coating technology to create an invisible layer, the Zizo liquid screen protector protects the surfaces of your phones and tablets from dirt, oil, dust, germs and superficial scratching, whilst offering crystal clear clarity.
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Making use of hi-tech nano coating technology to create an invisible layer, the Zizo liquid screen protector protects the surfaces of your phones and tablets from dirt, oil, dust, germs and superficial scratching, whilst offering crystal clear clarity.
 4.4 stars from 52 Asiakkaat

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Nano liquid
Brilliant, this is better than the glass screen protector. Highly recommend
Not sure if it actually did anything
Applied 2 coats as instructed. The screen works and looks good, however I had a crack in the screen and it still felt sharp after I had applied the 2 coats so really not sure if it left a protective layer on the screen or just wiped off when polishing. It is easy to apply. Guess I'll find out next time I drop the phone.rf
Great little bottle
This is value for money as it lasts the life of the phone and be Beyond
excellent - far easier than applying a screen protector - that I always seem to get bubbles with
You can't see it but it is really there and it really works
Easy to apply and the protection is great, especially when you needed the extra protection of your devices. It can be used on almost any devices, and you can literally see and feel the differences.
Don't think it offers real protection. But good cleaner
Got this as it's hard to find a decent screen protector that fits the Huawei P40 Pro these days. It has polished the screen glass well and it doesn't attract so much gunk or dust, but you can still see the oil smudges from your thumbs.

I don't think hmit offers any real protection because the liquid just looks like some brands of anti smudge cleaner. Also the application method requires your to put it on, wipe it around, wait for it to dry then polish it out. At the end it just looks like wipe most of it off the screen.
So far, so good
So far this is doing what it's supposed to. Only negative is that you have to apply in two stages but it's not easy to see how much you've used to judge when you've applied the right amount each time. Other than this, the actual application was easy and stress-free.
Brilliant Product
Screen is fully protected. It actually feels smoother to touch. Much better than applying this product than a screen plastic protector, which can be hit and miss.
Nano liquid
Brilliant stuff this
Was a little bit of a skeptic at first..
This is a great product! marks on my phone from oils from my fingers are non existence.
You still need a protective case for your phone for protection! I purchased this product to deal with the oleophobic coating wearing off my phone from excessive gaming, really pleased with the results on how easy it is to clean my phone screen.
I have to admit, I was doubtful at first. I put the first layer of coating and it seemed like it was nothing really. Waited for 10 mins per instruction, and added the second and final coating. Waited for approx 10 mins for it to dry. It definitely lives up to its promise. My Samsung Z Fold 2 front screen actually noticed that there's a screen protector, asked to turn on TOUCH SENSITIVITY. Thank you! Happy customer here.????
Nothing use nano glass on car as well as phone screen recomed it
Seems to do the job
How long it lasts for,before you have to apply it again
Very easy to use and excellent protection
I liked the product the first time I bought it about 18 months ago, in light of Covid, thought it would be good to recoat, so after following the cleaning instructions applied Zizo Nano again, it has protected my screen from a lot of hostile environments, dust, being dropped on a few occasions and I found only 1 small scratch which disappeared with it's new coat
Good stuff but...
Would have been more prepared and less disappointed if I was aware of the minute amount of the product in the pack. For such a small quantity of the product the pack was miles too big. Having said that, the roughness of my screen is gone and it is so easy to clean now. Any microfibre cloth gets it clean in seconds
Not sure
I bought this as I thought it was a good product to protect my phone and maybe it would fill in some minor scratches and one small crack and also protect my phone from further scratches. (used the product before my phone got scratched but I thought maybe it just wore off) it didn't fill in scratches or small crack and after a few days I think it all pilled up and removed itself from my phone. So I can't say its effective against scratches as my phone did after a while get scratches and it definately doesn't fill in small scratches or cracks. Also the instructions are minimal so I don't know how long it lasts or what not to use on my phone to clean it
Awesome stuff
This is amazing stuff, I have used it before and highly recommend it
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Does what its supposed to
Easy to apply and looking good
The liquid is easy to apply. It dries within 10 minutes and buffs up well, leaving the screen crystal clear. Camera and fingerprint sensor work fine. Seems to resist finger marks (but still early days in use). Can't yet say how protective it will be in the long run - which is why I have given 4 stars rather than 5.
Seems to work
easy to use.
Absolutely perfect
This stuff works absolutely great. I dropped my phone on concrete and NOT a scratch... This stuff is Amazing
Fantastic product, after using screen protector for most of my phones, I went for this and found it a lot better than screen protectors and its a lot easier to use
I bought myself a new iPad Air and I applied the protector and despite having been dropped more than once my iPad survived!
Great so far
I was a little sceptical when I first saw this but thought i'd give it a go. I have only had it on my phone for about a week but so far it seems to be a great product. It was very easy to apply and unlike the normal screen protectors there are NO bubbles. I can only say how its been so far but if it carries on working the way it is then im 100% satisfied, I would definitely buy this again.
Liquid protection
Having purchased a new laptop with a Hi-Res display, I sought o provide it with some protection, but the tube of fluid in this product was surprisingly small - and contained perhaps 3 drops of fluid!!When I remarked to MobileFun on my dissatisfaction with this, they offered a replacement product (to see if I get more of the fluid with the replacement). So well done MobileFun - very decent.
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